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  1. Nice, give I haven't really played yet I might as well jump into the beta with both feet No saves to mess up. Good news is that the build will make backups of your existing saves so you can restore them if you want to go back to a previous build.
  2. We are not working with GoG on achievement inclusion. I can look into this a bit, though.
  3. I will dig through our changelists for more specifics.
  4. The Update 2.0 Beta is now live on Steam. To join in the beta fun take a look at this informative post and follow the instructions. You can find the current (incomplete) Update notes here.
  5. What is becoming a running theme, there was a critical bug introduced from yesterday's build. The long and short is that you can't add spells to your grimoire. It has been fixed, but it will require a rebuild. It is almost certain that we won't have a build ready for testing before QA would have to leave for the day. Looking like tomorrow, folks. We will fire off the build tonight anyways as a backup in case there is a problem tomorrow morning during the build process. Thanks for the patience. No problems. Around what time do you think you'll have it up by tomorrow? I got some free time tomorrow (but i live in a different time zone) so I'm gonna try plan on getting a few hours playing. It could be early (if tonight's build is good), but I wouldn't get my hopes up since we sometimes don't catch issues until a few hours of testing goes by.
  6. Speaking of, it is going to be missing tons of changes. Our code base was recombined after our last patch so it is very difficult to pull out fixes from it. Most of the larger fixes are listed, but many of the smaller changes/fixes were not included. We will release the change log when the beta update is released, but we will be updating it before it goes live.
  7. What is becoming a running theme, there was a critical bug introduced from yesterday's build. The long and short is that you can't add spells to your grimoire. It has been fixed, but it will require a rebuild. It is almost certain that we won't have a build ready for testing before QA would have to leave for the day. Looking like tomorrow, folks. We will fire off the build tonight anyways as a backup in case there is a problem tomorrow morning during the build process. Thanks for the patience.
  8. There was a build failure this morning (looks like the build machine may have run out of memory during the build process). We fired off another build this morning and it just fully completed all OSes. QA has looked through the win build and it seems like it may be good for upload later this afternoon (5 or 6 PST). We are currently running a culling process, then we will get it up on Steam for our QA folks to play for a bit. If all goes well I should be able to make the beta available before I go home tonight. I will keep everyone posted.
  9. Hello, everyone. Multiplayer is not currently planned for PoE or The White March. If we do a sequel, who knows? That said, it is pretty unlikely we will do it. We have a ton of other features that would probably be more well received by the Pillars community.
  10. Not well. It is a tricky thing trying to pull apart the base game files from the expansion right now. We are trying to prevent story elements from leaking out before the expansion's release so we are Frankensteining a build together. There are a few things that came back from testing that need to be removed (or strings that need to be added), so unfortunately it won't be up until tomorrow at the latest. I will give you guys an update tomorrow whether we are going to push it live or not. Sorry, guys.
  11. Hey, folks. If you are still having trouble receiving your shipments please send an email to support@obsidian.net. We aren't handling the shipping, but we can ask Paradox specific questions about your orders. Make sure to mention that you have tried to work with Paradox multiple times so it will be escalated. I am sorry for any problems that you guys may be having.
  12. Hey, guys. The beta is going to go out on Monday. Without getting into the technical reasons there was a bug that was introduced that was causing some conversations to have incorrect speakers. It isn't a huge issue, but I would prefer to get it fixed before releasing the Update to you guys.
  13. Hey, guys. We aren't releasing news because we don't have any news to release right now. With GenCon and gamescom coming up you can expect some news over the next couple of weeks regarding the expansion. Also, once we get the video from the Comic Con panel, we can show that to you guys. I am currently working on getting an Update 2.0 beta build together for you guys. That should be up sometime this week. I know at times it can seem like we aren't posting information, but it isn't because we have forgotten about you guys. We are still working on the expansion, but when we feel like we have something more solid to talk about and show we will do so. We are very appreciative of what our backers have done for us, but we don't always have the resources to update as much as we would like. Thanks for the understanding and patience.
  14. Hey, everyone. Obsidian is not handling localization of the game. Initially, the game was not going to be localized into Korean. H2 Interactive worked with Paradox to get a deal in place that would allow them to localize the game into Korean in exchange for timed exclusivity of the localizations. Since Obsidian didn't sign the contract with H2 Interactive, I don't have any of the specifics. I am currently working with Paradox to see if we can get the localizations for our backers, but I can't release anything until I get confirmation from Paradox and H2 Interactive that they would be okay with that.
  15. Yeah, well... it feels like we should do something more significant with update 100, ya know? That being said, Kickstarter will label this as 100 automatically. Nothing I can do to change that.
  16. Update by Brandon Adler, Lead Producer Hey, everyone. We have two bits of news for you today. One is about Zero Radius Games' Pillars of Eternity card game and the other is about updates for the DVD copies of the game. Pillars of Eternity Card Game: Lords of the Eastern Reach A quick note to let everyone know the Pillars of Eternity card game is in its last 24 hours. They've opened up 13 Stretch goals adding 82 more cards, solo rules, a wooden Pigeeple of the Spectral Pig, better cards, bigger dice, and are coming up on adding the Chanter troop type to the game. Plus, they just added a Campaign Book for people to be able to play through a whole series of scenarios that tell a story. Yeah... they've been busy. Check it out, and if it looks cool the guys at ZRG would be very appreciative of your backing. DVD Updates We have good news for everyone that has a DVD backer copy of the game, but would like the latest 1.06 update. You can now head over to our Backer Portal to download an update to the latest version of the game. Updates and installation instructions for all three OSes are on the page. When a new update is released in the future, we will add the new patches in this location.
  17. Hey, everyone. We have updates live for the DVD version of the game. You can find the updates here. In the future this page will always have the latest updates available and should update any DVD version of the game to the latest version when run. On Windows and OSX you can start the update by running the files. For Linux, installation instructions are available inside the tarball.
  18. 1.07 was renamed to 2.0. It will be available for everyone - expansion or not. Exciting times! Will 2.0 be available on the Steam beta\preliminary\candidate branch like previous patches? Most likely. We will want to get some extra eyeballs on it.
  19. 1.07 was renamed to 2.0. It will be available for everyone - expansion or not.
  20. We are not currently planning on releasing physical copies of the expansion. This may change in the future, but we haven't discussed it.
  21. Update by Justin Britch, Associate Producer Hey everyone. I'm Justin Britch and I'm the new task master for the Pillars of Eternity expansion. I have been at Obsidian for over two years now and have spent most of that time supporting the production teams all over the company. Bug reports, task tracking, and updates to production tools has been my life at Obsidian up until recently, but I'm excited jump into the fray. Announcing the White March, Part I We have an expansion to show you! Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part I is going to add additional character levels, spells, talents, areas, items, and companions to Pillars of Eternity. The expansion will come in two parts, and backers who already purchased the expansion will receive both part I and II. We will be announcing the release date soon, but the part I is not in the far future. New Companions The expansion will include two new companions: Zahua (the monk shown on the cover of the game and formerly known as Forton) and the Devil of Caroc (a rogue). Here is a brief description from Eric and Carrie who are writing them. Zahua From Eric Fenstermaker: Zahua comes from an agrarian people known as the Tacan that dwells in the Ixamitl (ih-SHAH-mitt -ull) Plains to the north. (You may have known him as Forton once, but we renamed him to reflect his region of origin.) He belongs to the Nalpazca, a strict order of warrior-monks that constitutes the Tacan's standing army. The Nalpazca distinguish between the material world and the imagined world of perceptions, feelings, and false structures, seeing the latter as the limiting force that prevents a person's transcendence. They employ extreme practices to remain ever-conscious of what is truly real, and are known for exhibiting bizarre anti-social behavior in public settings, consuming powerful hallucinogenic drugs, and inflicting great pain upon themselves, all so as to allow themselves to "see more clearly." There are even rumored to ritualistically cannibalize the flesh of the recent dead so that they might come to terms with their own mortality, though such rumors have the ring of superstition. Zahua is the greatest living practitioner of Nalpazca beliefs, and even as you meet him, he is in continual pursuit of their ideals, which he believes will transform him into an unbeatable combatant. Above all, he believes in suffering as the path to enlightenment, and nearly every inch of his body is covered in scars - mostly self-inflicted. While some might see that as a grim or depressing viewpoint, from Zahua's perspective, suffering is a thing of beauty, to be admired and revered, and he is often able to appreciate situations that would dishearten most others. (Perhaps with a little too much cheer for some people's taste.) The player will meet and get to know Zahua as a party member in White March Part I, and then his vision quest will come into focus later, in Part II. The Devil of Caroc From Carrie Patel: The Devil of Caroc is a bronze golem inhabited by the soul of a convicted murderer. She's ruthless and relentless, yet something about the player piques her interest when they first meet. The Devil was once a trapper in Cold Morn, a village that became notorious for its role in the Saint's War. When she and her neighbors let the Readceran troops pass through town unopposed, they became a symbol of treachery and cowardice throughout Dyrwood. The Purges that swept the country began in Cold Morn, and everyone the Devil ever knew perished when an angry mob burned the village to the ground. The Devil survived and sought revenge on the men and women who set her home ablaze. She's still a rustic at heart, but her crude manners belie cunning and a cynical sense of humor. Update 2.0 New Features The White March is also going to introduce a few new features and quality of life improvement options. These updates will be given to everyone, not just people who purchase the expansion. Adam created a video showing off some of these new features: DVDs and DVD Updates Note from Brandon: Hey, folks. Paradox has informed us that they have shipped DVDs to all addresses on record. If you have not received your game DVD or an email confirming that your game DVD is on its way, please contact our support and we will get you in touch with a Paradox representative. We are also putting the finishing touches on a 1.04 to 1.06 DVD update, as well. We hope to have that out to you guys in the next week or so.
  22. Everyone should be on the same build (if they have fully updated). All platforms have the same build. There could be lots of reasons why some people have bugs that others are not seeing, but I am not sure about the Outworn Buckler specifically.
  23. Hi, Nobear. The reason that GoG (and Origin) take longer is because they have to go through their own processing. We hand them the files and they perform the necessary testing and package creation on their end. With Steam we have full access to the build. What that means is that we are able to place a build on Steam, do whatever testing we need, and put the build live without having to interact with anyone at Steam. They have a full backend to support it. We could hold the Steam patches until we get the okay from other vendors, but it makes the most sense to release it on Steam as soon as it is ready.
  24. You will notice an updated Windows and OSX build. This has two changes: Win Build - A minor change to a DLL so it would have proper signing. This shouldn't affect anything on your end. Just a housekeeping measure. OSX Build - A change was made to fix crashes that some people were getting on Macs with certain Retina displays. Please let us know if you are still seeing these OSX crashes on startup. Thanks for your patience.
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