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  1. thanks, I didnt know there is already one about this issue and I have read the thread the situation is slightly different though I bought the poe from kickstarter as well as him the difference is that I bought the XPs from the kickstarter as a pre-option and He seems to buy the expansion via the Korean company directly Unfortunately anyway, we both do not get the benefits of localization I wonder Obsidian can help this situation as well as his
  2. Hello I am one of the Korean PoE Kickstarterbackers At the initial release of PoE, Korean localization service was exclusive to only customers who bought a steam key from the Korean local company even excluding Korean PoE Kickstaerbackers Last year before releasing XP1, I made a thread requesting Korean localization benefit to the Korean kickstarterbackers as well and you officially responded it and Korean company finally gave the localization benefit (Original game) to the kickstarterbackers as well thanks to you http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/80649-why-kickstarter-backer-is-exclud
  3. Hi I am one of the Kickstarter supporter. Unfortunately, there is no kickstarter badge on my forum ID Can you attach the badge to me? You can check my account transaction for confirmation Thanks
  4. Thanks Obsidian The Korean company officially announced today that they will support Korean localization to Kickstarter backers soon Problem solved
  5. kickstarter items are not important really at least to me, whereas localization is can you change my pillar of eternity steam-subscription from the global to the Korean region-locked so that I can download Korean localization? pretty please? this is so heart-breaking why should kickstarter backers be treated discriminatingly like second-class one with this severe disadvantage of localization loss? Am I guilty to support you at the first time through kickstarter? should I buy another pillar of eternity from the Korean company to play PoE in my first language, Korean localization just
  6. I am afraid it is rather official Korean patch rather than third-party one the Korean company sells Steam-codes with region-locked the Korean localization patch was stealthy-uploaded via Steam today only for the one who bought the code from the Korean Company you may be right that I am too tempered because the patch was released just today lesser than 24 hours Obsidian would need some time to deal with this issue Nevertheless, I want to hear Obsidian's official stance whether they can help kickstarter backers to get Korean localization patch properly
  7. Hey I am a Korean Kickstarter backer I have supported the game from the very beginning through Kickstarter a few months before you release this game, a Korean company has dealt with you for Korean sales and additional localization services and the company released the Korean localization patch today The problem is Korean localization service is only available to the one who bought the game from the Korean localization company I understand this should be somewhat exclusive to the one who bought the game from the company, not from Steam directly for the company's rewards of localizatio
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