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  1. So I finally received the collector's box today. I don't know whether it's the very first one or if I'm gonna receive more (the replacements) but I will be contacting Paradox too to let them know of this. Gotta say I had almost lost hope.
  2. Just received my discs. But still no collectors' box. When I notified them of this by email, they said they're sending another replacement shipment. -___- As I said they've "sent" (allegedly) a third shipment already and it still doesn't have tracking. Tells you something doesn't it?
  3. @ Elerond - yes, that would seem to be the most effective way of getting my stuff. I just wish I didn't have to do that
  4. It's just that of all the people who sent me stuff internationally, only Paradox managed to screw up, twice. All other 30+ times the items came -mostly from ebay and amazon.
  5. Exactly. A tracking number would just alleviate all the problems, since both they and I would know if the package has arrived or been delayed, or whatever.
  6. Well, I DON'T agree! haha. That's why I at least posted here and contacted Paradox. Part of the reason why I don't spread my complaint to other sites is because I would rather not risk damaging Obsidian's reputation over this matter, even though it's rather important to me. But I agree that this does set an unpleasant precedent which could deter people from opting for physical goods again. I for one will sure think twice before doing it again, and with Paradox being the publisher, yeah...no.
  7. So it's the 1st of July and I still haven't received my Collector's edition box (or the disc) yet. I got the "your swag is on the way" email a long time ago, since then I've contacted Paradox and they promised to send a replacement shipment, but it's July and nothing. And of course, they can't be bothered to provide a tracking number (the support guy specifically said "the package does not have a tracking number"). Well I'll be damned. I do live in a pretty remote place, but I've had stuff delivered to me from all over the world - US, UK, Europe, China, no problems this far. So I'm guessing this is Paradox screwing up once again. I mean how hard can it be to just attach a tracking number to the fking thing?! I mean I'm kind of glad I backed the game but... that CE was my birthright, and I was denied
  8. Well, at least you received something... but yeah, Paradox sucks
  9. Yep, the same for me. I can talk to her again and again after "finishing" the quest, and every time she gives a new amulet.
  10. Signed in for the first time in months just to voice my strongest wish on this. PLEASE LET ME GET EVERYTHING AT THE SAME TIME, despite the delay. I don't care if it's delayed by months, just as long as it gets there, but please let me get an actual disc inside the box. For me the game disc isn't the icing on the cake, it's the actual foundation that makes the "collectors copy". Without it, it's just a pile of game-related cardboard and paper. Now I don't know how you guys are going to go about this, but I sincerely hope the poll is not the factor by which you'll decide how ALL the copies are to be shipped. I want to get everything at the same time, I don't care if some others play the game before I do, I might even buy a digital copy from gog or steam if I get really impatient, but please PLEASE make the option to choose how my collectors edition is to be shipped. I was and am really looking forward to get my beautiful collectors edition, but if I get it in pieces I will be extremely disappointed. I hope you guys understand my (maybe somewhat irrational, but very sincere) concern. And of course, thank you for your work over these couple of years. P.S. by the way, I also really hope it will be shrink-wrapped, like all good collectors' edition are. Like New Vegas CE, etc. P.P.S. I realize I'm going a bit aspie about this, but I don't care, it's a huge issue for me.
  11. Everything sounds great. The only thing that's not completely understandable to me is the decision to give the stronghold to the player EARLY in the game. Sounds a bit too easy, even granted that the stronghold is initially in a sorry state. Acquiring a stronghold in Baldur's Gate 2 involved partaking in a difficult and long quest, and it wasn't available from the start. It was an achievement in itself to get it, even though it wasn't particularly useful. I just hope Obsidian didn't make that decision to appeal to a wider gaming demographic.
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