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  1. If that's the only thing you fixed, why is it 1.1 GBs large? Steam doesn't have the best diffing ability when creating patches. Because new builds rebuild all of our data (even if it isn't being changed) I think it can cause problems in Steam. You will notice that other platforms (Origin and GOG) have patches that are much smaller because they have a better patch creation process.
  2. A new beta build has been added to the beta branch. The latest build should be 2.01.721. The only change was a fix to a bug which was introduced into 2.01 that was causing spellcasters to get extra casts of a spell if they were interrupted while casting it.
  3. The stash items (weapons that were equipped by the enemy that were looted directly into the stash) can't be recovered. Even though this is little solace for those that lost some weapons, none of the really important weapons in the expansion were equipped by the enemies. They were all placed in the world and should have been unaffected.
  4. Hey, wanderon. We are currently making a 2.01 patch for the base game and the expansion. I hope that we can release it before the end of the week for you guys.
  5. And if both 1 & 2 are true but I did not back through Kickstarter but PayPal (because I missed the campaign )? EDIT: I should probably also get the Obsidian Order thing sorted out, while I'm at it, fashionably late to the party Hey, marelooke. I took a look at your tier. The retail version of the collector's edition (the version available after the Kickstarter) does not come with the expansion pack. You would need to purchase the expansion pack separately to play it. I will make a post if anything change on that front in the future. Ah bummer, I figured it was part of the tier since I got all the other goodies from that tier, I'd probably have added extra if I'd known in advance. Oh well, can't be helped now, thanks for clearing it up though! We talked this over internally and we have decided to give anyone who purchased the $250 retail tier a copy of the expansion pack, as well. To get a copy just send an email to support@obsidian.net and they can hook you up.
  6. I don't know of anything specifically, but I will check in with the guys.
  7. The Stormcaller image was checked in, but I think there was an issue with The Grey Sleeper. It will likely not be in this patch, but I hope we can get it into the next one.
  8. This has been fixed with the update. It is also retroactive so it will fix any broken saved games.
  9. We found an issue with interrupts granting spell casts to spellcasters if they were in the middle of casting a spell. We will put another beta out once we fix the problem. Will probably be tomorrow's build.
  10. Hey, guys. I probably could have chosen my words better than I did. I wasn't trying to upset any of our Linux supporters and I didn't mean to belittle their support. I love all of our backers and I appreciate all of their help. We basically had to build our Linux infrastructure from scratch on our side. It wasn't something we were used to. It was also painful for us to develop in Linux because the Unity tools didn't support Linux at the time. This meant that we were unable to debug on the platform. Now that we have gone through the process of creating these builds it is something that will be much easier for us in the future. Pair that with SteamOS, Steam Controller, and Steam Machine and I think Linux's future is good with PoE games.
  11. Hello, everyone. Our 2.01 update now has its beta live on Steam. You can find the latest Update notes here. If you would like to get into the beta, but are unsure of how to do so, check out these instructions.
  12. From Adam Brennecke: This patch fixes many minor issues that came up before and after launch of The White March - Part I. We have also done optimizations to save/loads and area transitions performance. Please provide feedback if you notice a difference. As always, there are many more fixes than listed. Major Fixes Party members will now default to AI: On and Instruction Set: None. Many optimizations to save/load and area transitions performance. Some users are reporting a 20% decrease in load times. Blurry text in UI has been fixed. Problems with the stash not properly containing items that have been looted is now fixed. Abilities Dragon Leap should now break engagement properly. Coordinated Positioning range increased from 2m to 2.5m. Fixed stacking issue with Weapon Specialization and Weapon Mastery and both can now be applied to the same attack. Based on player's feedback we made tweaks to improve AI packages for Monks, Druids, and Ciphers. Instruction sets for Druids, Wizards, and Priests will now use lower level spells at higher frequencies. Ciphers will not use Whispers of Treason on single enemies. Many small fixes to spell and ability tooltips and descriptions. Items Stormcaller's 1st requirement lowered to 250 shock damage. 2nd requirement lowered to 5 druids defeated. Greenstone Staff 1st requirement lowered to 125 damage vs. beetles. 2nd requirement lowered to 5 blights defeated. St. Ydwen's 1st requirement lowered to 200 damage vs. spirits. 2nd requirement lowered to 10 vessels defeated. Item mod Draining will be restored properly after a save/load. Added the White Forge crafting icon. Quests A Lovely Drop quest is not failed if Haeferic dies after the party obtains the antidote ingredients. Haeferic now reacts properly after imprisoning Ailef. Lurgold is properly removed from the Fishery after the fight with Grynde during the day. The dexterity check in the conversation with Sweynur will only show up if the player has a blade. Miscellaneous Notes Added missing ambient audio to Durgan's Battery dungeon. Updated many creatures' bestiary entries with correct abilities. Ogre Battery Cannoneers now use Rogue abilities instead of Ranger abilities. Added Concelhaut's Draining Missiles to Ironclapsed Grimoire. Druid-Wolf Suldrun now scales for high level content mode. Fixed issue with Fog of War behaving incorrectly in some scenes (Aufra's house) if a player used an older save game. Several improvements and tweaks to area background art, including Cragholdt. Solo Achievement is disabled correctly if Zahua or The Devil of Caroc is added to the party. Fixed Kana's conversation when he is in the White March areas.
  13. And if both 1 & 2 are true but I did not back through Kickstarter but PayPal (because I missed the campaign )? EDIT: I should probably also get the Obsidian Order thing sorted out, while I'm at it, fashionably late to the party Hey, marelooke. I took a look at your tier. The retail version of the collector's edition (the version available after the Kickstarter) does not come with the expansion pack. You would need to purchase the expansion pack separately to play it. I will make a post if anything change on that front in the future.
  14. We are working on the 2.00 patch for physical discs now. We are shooting to have it up next week. As for an expansion, we are discussing how best to take care of it. It may end up as a direct download from the backer portal. We aren't sure yet.
  15. I think so. It's more content in the main game you can go to during the main plot after you get the stronghold (more or less). It's not a continuation past main game plot. Are there any requirements other than getting the stronghold? I started a new game and have the stronghold now but there doesn't seem to be a way to access the new content Just need to complete the first major quest in act 2. I don't want to give away any spoilers.
  16. The expansion adds additional content to your current playthrough. More areas, companions, items, etc. You can access it after you have finished the first major quest in act 2.
  17. No. The game should be 2.00.760. If you are seeing that build it is in an incorrect state. Are you back on the default branch? What I mean is, have you removed the beta branch and gone back to "none"?
  18. We have that very background coming out as a wallpaper later today (most likely today).
  19. Unfortunately, I don't know any of the technical details or problems with Galaxy. Your best bet is to contact GOG directly to let them know. Anyone else seeing this problem?
  20. Update by Brandon Adler, Lead Producer Hey, everyone. I have some exciting news for you today. The White March, the expansion for Pillars of Eternity, has released its first part and you can find it on Steam, GOG, and Origin. In this update we will explain how to redeem your rewards from the Backer Portal and show you some of the cool companions, areas, and features from the expansion. Let's not waste any time. The White March - Part I Obsidian has released the first half of the Pillars of Eternity expansion, The White March! It is now available on Steam, GOG, and Origin. For those of you that may not know a lot about our expansion, let me talk about some of the details and highlights: The White March - Part I takes place in the harsh, frozen frontiers north of the Dyrwood. Word of Durgan's Battery and its buried treasures (including Durgan's Steel) has made its way back to the Watcher of Caed Nua. We have two new companions in the expansion: Zahua, a scarred, drug-addicted monk who thinks pain is the true path to enlightenment. The Devil of Caroc, a construct with the soul of a murderer infused inside. The expansion adds in a special class of items called soulbound weapons. These weapons have powerful (and unique) enchantments that become more powerful as their wielder levels up. You can now set your companions to use AI so you don't have to spend as much time managing their actions. Each class has special AI packages that are unique to those classes and we will be added in additional AI packages in the future. The AI for enemies has also been improved. Party members can now go into individual stealth. This allows some part members to be stealthed while other members are not. This is particularly useful in positioning party members for upcoming battles or sneaking by small groups of enemies. You may now retrain your party members to modify their attributes, skills, and abilities. Now you can try out new builds quickly and easily. Redeeming the Expansion Note: The expansion is not part of the Hero, Champion, or Royal bundles. The expansion was part of Kickstarter tiers at $165 and above. If you are a backer, but did not get the expansion bundled in your tier you will have to purchase it from Steam or GOG seperately. We have now released Steam and GOG keys to all qualifying backers on the Backer Portal. If the expansion was a part of your Kickstarter tier or if you purchased it as a separate add-on, you can redeem your game and get your key just like any other reward on our Backer Portal. You can find the specific redemption instructions here under the "Steps to Redeem Your Items" section. DRKN Clothing Over the past few months Obsidian has been working with DRKN, a premiere clothing manufacturer, to come up with some cool pieces of clothing that takes inspiration from Pillars of Eternity. We are happy to announce that they have finished their first few pieces and you'll get the first crack at them. In addition to high-quality clothing, you also get a digital copy of the Campaign Almanac with your purchase. What are you waiting for? You can get your Pillars-inspired clothing here. PAX Panel If any of you are headed to PAX Prime this weekend, you should stop by the Hydra Theater at 3:00 PM on Saturday to catch our Pillars of Eternity retrospective panel. It's going to be filled with stories about our successes, our failures, and how it is shaping our future development. Also, we will give a sneak peek into our thoughts for future Pillars of Eternity products. If you are unable to make it to PAX, not to worry. We will be streamed live on the official PAX Twitch channel for those that can't be there. That's it for now. Have fun exploring the harsh wilderness of The White March!
  21. According to QA this bug was resolved in the 2.00 patch. Unfortunately, the fix may not be retroactive if she is already hostile. You may have to load up a save previous to when you encountered the problem.
  22. Hey, docstout. I am not sure of the exact issue you are referring to, but I am checking up on this bug with QA to see what the status is.
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