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Found 15 results

  1. If future additions and/or expansions are at all possible, here are a few insects that I would absolutely love to see added to the game. They aren't in any particular order. Either way, I love the game and can't wait to see how it evolves!
  2. Hi, As the release of new DLC is approaching (or has already approached) I was curious whether I will be finally able to receive key for "Digital Download of Expansion Pack" - however I have no such luck. Perhaps there is something I am missing? I have backed the game on Fig and paid extra for expansion pack, which is properly detailed on my order page. I have later upgraded my pledge, which is also propery detailed on my order page. Both orders are marked as having shipment status "done". Unfortunately, on "My Products" page I don't have any entry remotely related to PoE2 Expansion. The game has been redeemed on Steam, where I don't have either Season-pass or 1st expansion ownership. Is there anything I am missing? How can I redeem the expansion?
  3. Hi Obsidian, Super excited for Deadfire. It looks amazing. Congrats on your E3 showing. I'm currently playing through Pillars with both expansions. What took me so long? Having resolved the major conflict, I was kind of meh on exploring chapters "4a" and "4b" of a book I'd already read. A quasi-sequel would have seen me loading up the White March immediately, to pick up where I left off. I'm glad I took the plunge; the expansions are great fun, but they may have been better served up like other games do it: Following the main game rather than alongside it. Now, it's awesome to add a major area or two to the main game, the way Throne of Baal added Watcher's Keep, accessible early on. Durgan's Battery and the Yenwood Field were great examples of this. I just would have preferred White March to follow the main storyline, with little risk of maxing out my characters before completing it. I'm currently level 16 all around, just getting started on White March Part 2, and I've only done a few bounties. Please consider setting Deadfire's expansions after the original story, allowing us to, say, pick up an auto-save from when we finished the game. Then we can carry on fresh, leveling potential ready for the raised cap, without feeling like we'd already reached godlike status and also retrace our footsteps. I actually might wait until the expansions land so I only need to play through the game once to see everything. Hey, I don't have as much free time as I used to! These games are huge. Thanks for reading. Bring on the pirates!
  4. I have Gog version of the vanilla game. ( Pillars of Eternity - Kickstarter Champion Edition) I recently re-installed it and figured it'd be time to get the two expansions. Clicked Buy expansions via the game client and proceeded to do just that. To my shock horror, I realize I had just bought Steam Keys for my GoG version. I realize this is a lapse from my part, should have been more careful. It didn't occur to me that store used would be so relevant here. That said, I don't consider it overly awesome how my Gog- version of game links to Paradox- store that sells Steam-only codes. There is a bit of a should-not-be present in that chain I say. Anyone have any suggestions? Recon there is something I, or Obsidian Customer Support, or Paradox can do to help me out here?
  5. Update by Brandon Adler, Lead Producer Hey, everyone. I have some exciting news for you today. The White March, the expansion for Pillars of Eternity, has released its first part and you can find it on Steam, GOG, and Origin. In this update we will explain how to redeem your rewards from the Backer Portal and show you some of the cool companions, areas, and features from the expansion. Let's not waste any time. The White March - Part I Obsidian has released the first half of the Pillars of Eternity expansion, The White March! It is now available on Steam, GOG, and Origin. For those of you that may not know a lot about our expansion, let me talk about some of the details and highlights: The White March - Part I takes place in the harsh, frozen frontiers north of the Dyrwood. Word of Durgan's Battery and its buried treasures (including Durgan's Steel) has made its way back to the Watcher of Caed Nua. We have two new companions in the expansion: Zahua, a scarred, drug-addicted monk who thinks pain is the true path to enlightenment. The Devil of Caroc, a construct with the soul of a murderer infused inside. The expansion adds in a special class of items called soulbound weapons. These weapons have powerful (and unique) enchantments that become more powerful as their wielder levels up. You can now set your companions to use AI so you don't have to spend as much time managing their actions. Each class has special AI packages that are unique to those classes and we will be added in additional AI packages in the future. The AI for enemies has also been improved. Party members can now go into individual stealth. This allows some part members to be stealthed while other members are not. This is particularly useful in positioning party members for upcoming battles or sneaking by small groups of enemies. You may now retrain your party members to modify their attributes, skills, and abilities. Now you can try out new builds quickly and easily. Redeeming the Expansion Note: The expansion is not part of the Hero, Champion, or Royal bundles. The expansion was part of Kickstarter tiers at $165 and above. If you are a backer, but did not get the expansion bundled in your tier you will have to purchase it from Steam or GOG seperately. We have now released Steam and GOG keys to all qualifying backers on the Backer Portal. If the expansion was a part of your Kickstarter tier or if you purchased it as a separate add-on, you can redeem your game and get your key just like any other reward on our Backer Portal. You can find the specific redemption instructions here under the "Steps to Redeem Your Items" section. DRKN Clothing Over the past few months Obsidian has been working with DRKN, a premiere clothing manufacturer, to come up with some cool pieces of clothing that takes inspiration from Pillars of Eternity. We are happy to announce that they have finished their first few pieces and you'll get the first crack at them. In addition to high-quality clothing, you also get a digital copy of the Campaign Almanac with your purchase. What are you waiting for? You can get your Pillars-inspired clothing here. PAX Panel If any of you are headed to PAX Prime this weekend, you should stop by the Hydra Theater at 3:00 PM on Saturday to catch our Pillars of Eternity retrospective panel. It's going to be filled with stories about our successes, our failures, and how it is shaping our future development. Also, we will give a sneak peek into our thoughts for future Pillars of Eternity products. If you are unable to make it to PAX, not to worry. We will be streamed live on the official PAX Twitch channel for those that can't be there. That's it for now. Have fun exploring the harsh wilderness of The White March!
  6. Hello all, I found a map of the White March hanging on the wall in the second floor of the The Charred Barrel in the Brackenbury district. Did you find any other references?
  7. Probably most folks will disagree but i wonder how nice it will be if PoE will continue the story after PoE with expansions and it will merge with him so that u can do a full Playthrough starting with PoE at lvl 1 and then finish with PoE 2 at lvl 25 or so. It can work as standalone too so if you wanna start directly with PoE 2 you can build a lvl 15 character and start just after PoE+Expansions ends. Do you prefere this way or a completely new settings\characters for PoE 2?
  8. It would be great if you could have a Dungeon Delve Mode. It would work one of these ways, either: - You can't leave the dungeon until you've beaten the core quest/boss at the bottom of the dungeon. (Special auto-save before you enter.) OR - Leaving the dungeon resets the dungeon, but you still get to keep any experience/loot you got. Respawned mobs don't drop loot a second time.
  9. Given that the PoE ExPack is most likely at least in pre-prod for the expansion, when does everyone bet we would see a highly probably Pillars of Eternity II? E3 is June 16-18. It would be ridiculous not to at least announce the expansion then. I'm going to place it at a December release, January 2016 at latest. Given that PoE 2 would take a lot more work than an ExPack, but minus time for the lore, story, and engine already existing, I feel confident in hypothetically staking a claim in the April 2017 - July 2017 timeframe. Let the great guessing game begin!
  10. http://www.pcgamer.com/pillars-of-eternity-tabletop-rpg-and-card-game-in-the-works/ The above quote is not entirely unique, I've read basically the same thing said elsewhere before. So it's unlikely I'm misreading it. The weird thing here is that Obsidian are contradicting themselves. I'll paraphrase to make my point clear: "These days most folks make a number of small DLCs, but instead we are going to do a big meaty old school expansion." ...and then in the same breath: "but we're going to split it into two parts" Umm, what? It's absurd to talk about a big chunky expansion that is split into parts. It can't be both. Frankly I'm not complaining or worried as I have full confidence that I will be pleased with the expansion(s) (which I have already paid for). But you guys are putting out a confusing message. What's up?
  11. Hy Folks I know that multiplayer was discussed and discarded for the main game, BUT is there a possibility that it's gone get implemented later on? as a DLC or in a expansion? It's just, that like in the Pen and Paper games, its more fun to play in a group of actual Players. We (3 friends and I) loved doing our BG2 runs as a group over the tcp ip session, sitting in the same room, drinking, smoking and having a fun Role-playing Weekend. I think this would give the game an enorm boost community-wise ps: thanks for responding greez :D
  12. Hey, new to the forums, so I thought I'd try my first post by asking: what is the possibility of having module support. To specify, I mean both fan made and official modules like in NWN and Shadowrun. I know there is already an expansion being talked about, so I guess this just sort of a suggestion more than anything. I think Pillars of Eternity would be perfect for the adventure by adventure expansion type format.
  13. TL DR; A new mechanic where-in the player's management of stronghold quests occurs on a separate / detailed section of the campaign map of Palatinate of Dyrwood. Feudal conflicts with a plethora of neighbours reflects growth of stronghold and broader feudal development in the context of Dyrwood. Would not necessarily require additional play maps / "wilderness areas" to be created. Mostly could be managed with text and stills. The very long version: Significant scope addition, that might potentially be manageable as a separate stretchgoal or better-yet - separately in the expansion. Could enhance the end-game for the stronghold. Those of you who have played "Birthright" / NWN2 SoZ, like overland travel maps of Fallout, might get a sense for what I mean. Imagine that the geographical area around the stronghold on the campaign map offers a "zoomed in" view, showing "Risk-style" (more accurately Birthright-style) grid of neighbouring feudal holdings. Not all your neighbours are high lords, most in your "backwater", are landed knights in small hamlets, barons, guild-towns etc. With patches of neutral land in between (forests where druids, elves, trolls and orcs live etc). All of these are vassals of more powerful Earls or of the Duke of Dyrwood himself. The idea is that these territories are where most of your stronghold-related mini-quests happen (mini-quests like where the parked NPCs in your stronghold are sent to "adventure" or where various text-based quest-prompts in regard to your stronghold development are sourced from). As the player grows their stronghold, the game asks for decisions to be taken in regard to these neighbours, some decisions might have to be hostile, others might be in order to help your neighbours, others might be trade-related and so the player's standing with the various neighbours changes over the course of the game. A mini-quest might take the form of: Neighbouring knight's hamlet is attacked by Orcs (as a random / scripted "event") The player decides to send NPC + guards to help --> they succeed --> Knight "allies" with player The player cannot send an NPC to help (they're off doing other stuff) --> Orcs pillage and move on, the Knight is wounded and the hamlet is saved because one of the other neighbours helped The player is Machiavelian --> Orcs pillage, the NPC + guards arrive "too late", clean up the Orcs and kill off the Knight --> The player annexes the lands End result - the relevant cell changes "colour" (allegiance) None of this happens in "real time", the decision is made by the player and a result is given a few in-game days later As the player interacts with these stronghold quests, the various neighbours' attitudes to the player change with relevant effects. Not all challenges are military - some might require the party rogue NPC to be sent to quietly kill an evil guildmaster, others might require the party druid NPC to commune with the local druid circle to take the forest back from witches coven who are dominating the local troll population into attacking the feudal settlements etc. At certain points Dyrwood Earls or even the Duke, give specific task(s) to complete that unlock or provide major Stronghold improvements. Stronghold end game scenario opportunity: Player is attacked by a jealous / power hungry Earl and loses the stronghold (result of player being very ineffective) Player is attacked by an Earl (who the player found out to have been conspiring against the Duke). Player with help from allies, rebuffs the assault and the Duke replaces this Earl with the Player Player "bullies" the vassals into service, the local Earl tries to intervene, loses. Player thus proves right to be promoted to Earl (might makes right) Player is promoted to Baron, because the route taken was mostly diplomatic and boosted trade, eased tensions in the region (everyone is happy) etc. Specific mechanics: 1) The zoomed in map of the region allows the player to see how various Stronghold tasks / NPC miniquests etc tie-in to the broader world --> The NPC you sent on a "quest" while your party is actually following the actual game plot, is represented as a figure on a map --> The trade-caravan you established from your Stronghold to a local Elven enclave crosses a patch of neutral territory (and you know to allocate guards to it accordingly) 2) The disposition and relative "garrison" strength of your neighbours guides allows the player to plan defences accordingly (and help neighbours who will come to your help in the event of a siege when your party is on the opposite end of the map) 3) Some of these map spaces act as "NPC quest sinks" earning you rewards e.g.: --> you send your rogue NPC to steal the Baron's jewels (+gold if success, - reputation if caught) --> you send your fighter NPC to participate in a melee tournament etc. 4) Broadens and contextualises rewards: --> trade routes, NPC thieving etc add gold --> working with organisations (Druid circles, Mages, Dwarven inventors, assassins etc) - adds unique items --> working with racial enclaves might add allies during siege (Elven archers on the battlements!) --> working against shadowy groups or competitors, lessens the chance of sieges, caravan robberies etc. --> that Knight's hamlet you "annexed" --> +Food and Conscripts! 5) Can't do everything, some things are mutually exclusive or require specific NPCs (add replay value) 6) Offers a potential end-game / "DLC" future opportunity, as some of these spaces could become self-contained maps in the future, where the player takes on the role of the Rogue, sneaking through a wizard's tower etc. Thank you kindly if you read the whole thing! Again - doubt it would be possible to bolt on this late into the design process, but it is a [late] idea...
  14. http://www.fortressofdoors.com/2012/07/freeloadable-content-alternative-to.html So, what do you think? I personally believe, that this is a much better option than the newschool DLC's that we are swarmed with. Posted it here, because I think it would be a great idea to make expansions for Project Eternity
  15. With only seven days left on the Project Eternity Kickstarter, we want to start the last week off with some pretty incredible things to announce. You might not know that Brian Fargo is the guy who gave many of us our start in the games industry – myself (Feargus), Josh Sawyer, Chris Avellone, Scott Everts, Brian Menze, Chris Jones, Chris Parker, Darren Monahan – and the list keeps on going from there. He also gave the guys who started a little company called Silicon & Synapse their first few projects – pretty crazy to think that little company is now Blizzard Entertainment. Personally, we are incredibly thankful to him and for the second wave of Kickstarter attention he brought with Wasteland 2. But, Brian hasn’t stopped being the great guy that he is, and so, he’s helping us out by letting us add Wasteland 2 as a reward at our higher tiers. So, what tiers will that be? A lot of you have asked for a digital tier after $110, so we are adding a $165 Digital Only Tier. That means Wasteland 2 will get added to this new $165 tier and all the tiers above. What we are also doing is adding the first expansion pack for the game to the $165 Tier (and above). The expansion will come out approximately six months after Project Eternity is released. That’s right, it’s not DLC, but a real honest to God RPG expansion pack. We don’t have the details on the Expansion yet, but you can bet it will be what you’d expect from an Infinity Engine game expansion. With all that Brian has done for us in the past and his incredibly generous offer, we also want to kick something in. To do that we are now supporting Brian's Kicking It Forward initiative. The Kickstarter community is pretty amazing and we want to help whomever we can be as successful as we have been. For those of you that missed the announcement over the weekend, we will be adding another level to the Mega Dungeon if we hit 20,000 Likes on Obsidian's Facebook page. We are getting close to halfway there! That’s a lot for today, and we have so much more coming up tomorrow. Maybe some new stretch goals, maybe some new add-ons, or heck maybe all of that! Stay tuned all of this week as we ramp up to the Project Eternity Kickstarter finish next Tuesday, October 16th with an all-day live video stream from Obsidian. We are trying to get Tim to do the cooking! Oh, and we also owe everyone an update that goes through everything you get at each of the tiers listed out with a bit more detail than we can squeeze in on the front page of our Kickstarter site. We will get that update out in the next few days, but to tide everyone over – we’ve attached the full concept for Aloth below. Have a great week everyone! Update by Feargus Urquhart
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