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  1. If you use the SDL_DYNAMIC_API environment variable instead of LD_PRELOAD, you can just tell libsdl to load your system libsdl2 (the one in /usr/lib64 or similar), which should not be linked against wayland, so you won't need to install it. Edit: I haven't tried this though, no idea if the game code has the path to ./game/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/Plugins/x86_64/libSDL2-2.0.so hardcoded somewhere, in which case it will probably fail before SDL_DYNAMIC_API ever gets used.
  2. It's not the game itself, it's the Unity player. The game code actually tries to dynamically load libsdl2 (what afaik is the only option to use native libraries in C#), what fails if the libsdl version it tries to load differs from the one Unity is statically linked against. Still, I'd also like to know the reasoning behind Unity being linked statically. The libsdl2 ABI is supposed not to change, so there should be no reason to ever statically link against it...
  3. There's also another workaround: Instead of using LD_PRELOAD to force loading the libsdl2 version that's bundled along with the game, one can use a nifty feature of libsdl2, which gets explained here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+RyanGordon/posts/TB8UfnDYu4U Basically this feature allow to use the system installed libsdl2 version even if an application is statically linked against libsdl2 (the Unity player is statically linked against it...). So, what I am doing in order to get the game running is to set the following environment variable (of course with the correct path to your system installed libsdl2): SDL_DYNAMIC_API=/usr/lib64/libSDL2.so My command line on Steam now looks like this: SDL_DYNAMIC_API=/usr/lib64/libSDL2.so LC_ALL=C %command% Edit: Of course you can also use the same environment variable to use Steam's libsdl2, if you prefer. Just point it to SDL_DYNAMIC_API=~/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/amd64/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libSDL2-2.0.so.0
  4. I just read that Brandon Adler stated that it probably wasn't worth the effort to support Linux in Pillars of Eternity. While this definitely is bad news for the Linux gamers out there, as it means that future Obisidian titles might not be available for that platform, I'd like to focus on the positive side. Many games are nowadays released for Linux, but it's by far not something to be taken for granted. Pillars of Eternity though has been released for it, and by that one of the (in my opinion) best games of this year has become available. This game has given, and will give, countless hours of high-quality entertainment to Linux users like me, fun that we would have missed, hadn't PoE been released for our platform. Thanks to the developers for letting us enjoy this great piece of art!
  5. Thanks for the bugfixes! I'm wondering though, what's the reason behind making several wizard spells foe only. In my opinion not being able to cast them amidst companions added a nice tactical challenge, as one had to try to keep the foes' movement under control, in order to efficiently use these AoE effects.
  6. If I'm not mistaken the llvm r600 shader compiler (which was causing the bug) is only used by default with cards of the Southern Islands generation or newer. The Northern Islands drivers can use it, but only when one specifically asks for it during driver compilation (afair).
  7. I can now confirm that the crash issue seems to be resolved with the current development version of llvm (don't ask me how long it took me to get a working ebuild for that thing...). I heard rumours of a planned release date of llvm-3.6.1, something about May 13, and about a release candidate on Star Wars day. Let's hope that the fix (whichever patch it was) ends up being part of it. It would be a pity if users of the stable version of the open source drivers would have to wait for another 5 months to get it with llvm-3.7... For Ubuntu users Pillars of Eternity seems to work when using the drivers from ~oibaf PPA. If one is adventurous enough to use this PPA, it might serve as a workaround until fixed drivers will (hopefully) be part of Ubuntu 15.10...
  8. Regarding the crashes with the open source drivers: There's a bug report on freedesktop.
  9. Oops, I misunderstood you. The low resolution issue is fixed by the wrapper from dscharrer, but the crashes still happen. I think I'll get mesa from git, just to see if the crashes occur there as well. Currently I'm running 10.5.1 with llvm-3.6.0.
  10. @dscharrer: Thank you very much! Your wrapper seems to solve the issue for me. You, sir, are a true code wizard. @h3st: I don't think we should blame it on the driver, as clearly Unity fails to use a function that would be available. Imho, it's a Unity bug.
  11. Thanks, Ubichiottes. That means we'll probably have to get the censored version then, if we want to play the game on the Xbox. At least I can still delude myself with the irrational hope that maybe there will be a patch that undoes this defacement of art. On the other hand, since the censorship was nothing but a marketing decision, I presusume in order to make people talk about the game, this hope might not be completely in vain.
  12. Does anyone know if the US Xbox 360 version will run on european consoles? I know that this is generally not the case, but there are exceptions and at the moment I'm desperately hoping that South Park: The Stick of Truth is one of them. Alternative: Does anyone know if the Windows version is running on Linux with WINE?
  13. Hey! I'm the Realms of Arkania (or Nordlandtrilogie, as it was originally called) fan here. You stole my posting
  14. I'd consider it strongly immersion breaking, if one could just miraculously change the appearance of items, even if it's only an interface thing. For me, everything that a character can do in a traditional RPG, also cosmetic stuff, should have a sane foundation within the game world. If, and only if such a feature could be explained story-wise I would consider it appropriate. Still, I'm afraid that every explanation for such an option is bound to sound made up, just to make such an option possible, what would immediately break immersion. A storyteller has to be very careful not to trigger any doubts on the integrity of her tale. As soon as the listener/player starts to wonder why some part of the story is told, and comes to the conclusion, that it might have been only made up to justify something else that would otherwise not fit into the story at all, the whole story gets questionable. From my point of view such vanity stuff belongs in MMORPGs, where story and immersion are mere negligibilities. Nevertheless, this is just my opinion and there is one other, in my opinion really important thing that this thread makes me want to say: Please, developers, don't listen too much to us. After all, it is your game. You invest your heartblood in this project, so it should be exactly how you want it to be. If you think something that comes up on the forum is a great idea, put it in the game. If you think something does not suit into the game, then leave it out.
  15. The whole point about character assination is exactly this. Create enough negativity around an individual so that they or their endeavours are discredited. If a project or group decided not pursue a project with her because of the rumours on the internet, then the harrasment achieved it's purpose. I agree with you on this. It's very sad, but nevertheless true. Gender relations is a sociological issue. There is no "scientific institute" that has the final word. Certainly when talking about overused, unproductive female tropes in video game culture, the "experts" in the field will be those gamers most cognisant and effected by it. That's also true, of course. Nevertheless, there are experts on the field. For instance here at Linz University there's a whole department focussed on gender studies. The people who work there are mainly social scientists, who study the phenomena, but there are also philosophers and ethicists that assess projects and counsel companies on the topic.
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