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  1. The current beta update looks pretty solid. We are waiting on one other thing to get addressed and then we will put everything live. I wouldn't expect the update today, but it might be tomorrow.
  2. Here are the update notes for Update 3.02. Major Fixes Fixed an issue where some player's game would reset after completing Part 1. Fixed an issue where some players couldn't activate the White Forge or enter Durgan's Battery. Fixed an issue with the final Eyeless SI becoming stuck if you selected yourself. Fixed an issue where some players would get stuck at the Caed Nua End Slide. Fixed multiple issues where some players received black screens on load/transitioning. White March Specific Iron Flail Front is no longer accessible before ret
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    Also, since this is off-topic... how about the 49ers? =)
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    Don't tell Darren, but I was messing around with post counts. I wanted to see what would happen with a negative number. Doesn't seem to increment.
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    Okay... this is the last test.
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    This is only a test.
  7. We are still compiling these. There are over 400 bugs fixed which is why this is taking so long. Every change needs to be verified so it takes a long time to compile these notes. Steven King is on the case now, so he should be able to update you guys in the next day or two.
  8. There are definitely a few big ones mixed in there.
  9. Update 3.02 Beta is now live on Steam. Lots of smaller fixes in this update. Update notes will be coming later today. EDIT: I lied. It probably won't be together until Monday. There are a few weeks of bugs check-ins that we still need to go through. EDIT2: Link for patch notes: https://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-192-update-notes-302/
  10. Hey, Shico. I am unable to reproduce this at work. Can you send me a private message that mentions where you purchased the game and your exact SKU. Thanks.
  11. Sorry, everyone. I don't have any insight into how GOG generates the patches. One thing to note about folks that are not seeing 3.01 on GOG: GOG mentioned that 3.01 is live. If folks aren't seeing it, it is because they need to refresh their GOG account for it to show up properly. To refresh your account you can visit the following link on GOG: https://www.gog.com/account/refresh
  12. This is something that's always bothered me when games get updated (sometimes they're actually just released this way) where tool tips or information about classes/skills/abilities/etc is either vague or has changed due to patching and it's not updated in-game. Is the reason always because there's too much work for too little benefit? I find it extremely annoying to look in-game at the description/explanation of some aspect of the game and it's either totally wrong or too vague to interpret properly. Every game is different. I assume sometimes it is an oversight. For PoE, we don't
  13. Obsidian's Official Reply: St. Ydwen's Redeemer will destroy vessels of a level lower than the wielders. For vessels of an equal or higher level compared to the wielder, it will do additional damage instead. The tooltip is vague, but it will probably not be fixed because it would require larger changes to the UI system to display the information correctly.
  14. There isn't a lot we can do about that. It is a mixture of how Unity 4 creates builds and how Steam generates patches. Supposedly it is better with Unity 5, but I am not sure.
  15. I saw the fix in our changelist, but it was being held until the 3.02 patch since it came in after our deadline.
  16. illathid: I didn't see a fix for the Faith and Conviction bug in the check-ins. It is possible that it will be on 3.02. Leferd: I would expect a mix of balance changes, gameplay tweaks, and bug fixing.
  17. Update 3.01 is now live on Steam and Origin. GOG should follow in the next day or two. You can see the changelist by going here.
  18. These are the update notes for Update 3.01. Major Fixes Fixed a problem where players were unable to loot containers in Ondra's Gift at night. Using Abydon's Hammer will now properly unequip offhand items. Fixed an issue to prevent the game hanging on completion of some Stronghold adventures. White March Specific Marunn's door in the Great Hall will no longer be sealed if the area, for any reason, resets its persistence data upon returning to it from lower levels of the battery. Various balance fixes to combats and skill checks in the Abbey of t
  19. After speaking with Paradox I was told that it is a technical issue with GOG technology. I guess they would have to make upgrades to their pipeline to support it. When they fix those pipeline issues we should be able to offer the upgrade path to users. NOTE: I have not spoken to anyone from GOG, so I can't personally verify if this is the case, but I don't have any reason to think it's false.
  20. I will bring this issue up to Paradox to see if this is something they want to pursue. There were no bad intentions in not selling the upgrade paths to GOG users, it was just that not many people have requested it. Since there is inherent overhead in creating DLC (in terms of initial setup and maintenance) there usually needs to be enough people requesting it before it makes sense for us to do it. I will let you know what the answer is in the next day or two.
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