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  1. The current beta update looks pretty solid. We are waiting on one other thing to get addressed and then we will put everything live. I wouldn't expect the update today, but it might be tomorrow.
  2. Here are the update notes for Update 3.02. Major Fixes Fixed an issue where some player's game would reset after completing Part 1. Fixed an issue where some players couldn't activate the White Forge or enter Durgan's Battery. Fixed an issue with the final Eyeless SI becoming stuck if you selected yourself. Fixed an issue where some players would get stuck at the Caed Nua End Slide. Fixed multiple issues where some players received black screens on load/transitioning. White March Specific Iron Flail Front is no longer accessible before returning to Stalwart at the start of Part 2. Foundry map icon appears as soon as you visit the Foundry after activating Part 2. Updated the nav for Whitestone Hollow, Durgan's Battery Exterior, and Durgan's West Tower. Gwyn's Band of Union placed into a container in the Abbey. Fixed an issue with Kaoto not speaking to you at the top of the Abbey of the Fallen Moon. Added an addendum to the Rising Tide Quest regarding the sign of the tide. All robes in the Halls of Silence have had their name updated. SFX now plays during the Eyeless Scripted Interaction. Burning Pitch Trebuchet and Empowered/Heavy Cannon Blast will no longer gain benefit from Might or Intellect and are per rest. Eyeless 'Ray of Fire' no longer deals insane amounts of damage on Story Time. Fixed an issue with Cayron's Scar Frozen Water SI applying status effects to the wrong character. Summoned Crag Ogres no longer drop loot. Fixed an issue that was causing Relentless Storm to spam cast in Cayron's Scar. Villagers now comment about you defeating the Eyeless. Fixed an issue in Tealdor's dialogue where he would stop giving bounties. Fixed an issue where Mylla was disappearing after completing the quest 'Lost Child'. Fixed issue with screaming villagers audio persisting after Burning Hut SI. Magma Blights in the West Tower now drop loot. Updated the Skuldrak projectile to be an icicle. Fixed gas cloud VFX in the West Tower gas room. Bleakwalker Ghosts (Summoned during Ryona's Breastplate Quest) will now drop correct loot. Spirit animals Whitestone Cave now drop correct loot. Zahua image now shows during his End slides. Fixed an issue not being able to leave Zahua's vision during Secrets of Tacan. Fixed Zahua's conversations not triggering depending on how the quest was started during Secrets of Tacan. Can now re-enter Zahua's vision without reloading Whitestone Hollow. 'Secrets of Tacan' no longer fails if you speak to a vision after Save/Load. 'Secrets of Tacan' no longer fails if Zahua is killed after completion. Fixed an issue with Maneha only wanting to talk about the Fort. Dyrwood Areas Fixed an issue with combat not ending in Galawain's Maw. Fixed an issue where some players could not interact with Lord Raedric. Rectroactive fix made for Fragments of a Scattered Faith if the player has already looted the standard but didn't have Eder in the party. Gathbin and friends have been buffed during the Battle of Yenwood. Added more SFX to Yenwood Scripted Interaction. Chancellor Warrin no longer respawns in the Charred Barrel after the quest completes. Chancellor Warrin no longer hostiles the you if you previously killed all the patrons in the Charred Barrel. Corrected Gathbin and Chancellor Warrins speaker tags. Tortured Spirit in Cilant Lis should no longer reappear when returning to the map. Searing Falls will now have enemies when first visited. Angry Villagers and Marshal Forwyn no longer respawn at Caed Nua. Fixed an issue where the Soldier Ghost in Caed Nua Dungeons was not spawning. Retreating from enemies on Od Nua Level 13 will now end combat. Adra Animat in Od Nua Level 13 no longer respawns after Save/Load. Spells and Abilities Paladin's Liberation Exhortation now works on charmed allies. Rogues can now Sneak Attack off of Stun on Crit weapon effects. Rogue's Escape will now break engagement. Cipher's 'Amplified Thrust' no longer generates focus. Updated VFX for Recall Agony so that the effect lasts until the status effect ends. Adjusted the VFX for the mind wave spell to match the actual size of the spell aoe. Also added a light to it. Mental Binding no longer rolls extra rolls against defenses. Llengrath's Mental and Physical Shields can only be cast during combat Fixed an issue where Llengrath's Blunt Wisdom would give the wielder permanent accuracy and damage bonuses. Llengrath's Blunt Wisdom is no longer Superb, but has built in damage and accuracy bonuses. Necrotic Lance is now listed as a Hostile status effect. Fixed an issue where Minor Grimoire Imprint was stealing Chanter invocations. Druid's Wildstrike no longer applies to spell damage while spiritshifted. Ranger's 'Heal Companion' no longer casts twice. Powder Burns casting cone now locks to a target. Priest's Holy Meditation granted by Spell Defense will no longer grant the bonuses to enemies. Monk's Crucible of Suffering was proccing incorrectly if you also have Weapon Focus: Peasant. Fixed a problem where afflictions from Chanter Phrases were infinite. Updated Retaliate so it will roll against defenses. Fixed an issue where Savage Attack was affecting spell accuracy. Items Part 2 Soulbound weapons have been switched to universal (All weapon focuses will work with any Soulbound weapon). Fixed an issue where Cape of the Master Mystic was causing invisibility to be permanent. Wearing Boots of Speed now have proper running animations outside of combat. Damage Proof mods will no longer be suppressed by Quality mods. Tempered Helm will not be suppressed by Quality mods. Tomb Fragment no longer deals 25 Health on load. Executioner's Hood now heals the character instead of damaging them. Steadfast final unlock requirement is now 28 Might. Fixed an issue where St. Ydwen's Redeemer would get stuck at 1000/1000 damage. Stormcaller now resets unlocks after unbinding it. Updated St Ywdens Redeemers Divine Mark Proc so it won't also hit the wielder. Vent Pick and Dragon's Maw Shield 'Spellchance' proc now works correctly. Fixed an issue where Firebrand was using current equipped weapons stats instead of its own. Raw Damage Lash on Gyrd Haewanes Stenes increased to 20%. Fenwalkers now takes off 2 seconds from stuck, paralyzed, and hobbled durations. Fixed an issue where paralyze that lasted less than 3 seconds caused wearer of Fenwalkers to become unresponsive. The Blunderbuss 'Silver Flash' blind duration reduced to 2 seconds. Fixed multiple issues with Spider Trap's icon and name. Fixed issue where Elryns Jacket used too many Enchant Points. Fixed an issue where Red Reed Wand could summon outside of combat. Boots of Speed no longer slow down Spirit Shifted Druids. Abydon's Hammer will now get removed from the parties Inventory if a party member takes it and sacrifices themselves. Acuan Giamas Spells/Abilities no longer stolen indefinitely. Greenstained Boots now heal the correct amount. Added VFX for Abydon's Hammer ability 'Ring of the Ancient Forge'. Fixed audio issues with Ring of the Ancient Forge ability. Added duration to Mossy Rocks Summon. Robes of the Tidebringer now have correct name and description. Ray of Pain will now deal damage when triggered from Echoing Misery. Spell Defense: Eyestrike will no longer hit allies. 'Zephy' granted by the poleaxe 'Winds Arm' no longer hits the wielder. Infestation of Spiders Trap will now lower Constitution. Fixed Concelhaut Skull Pet VFX. Fixed positions of the VFX for a few of the weapon mods (Burning Lash, Shocking Lash, Durance Staff Fire, and Slaying Lash). Gameplay All spells and abilities should now end at the end of combat. There were a few (Watchful Presence, for example) that could extend past the end of combat. Fixed a problem where placing traps too close to each other would remove the previous trap and losing the item. Devil of Caroc now has 78 attribute points. Legendary Recipe now requires level 16. Visitors will now leave the stronghold after you resolve their dilemma. Characters no longer lose health in Story Time after being Charmed/Dominated. AI should now properly target their own animal companions for various spells and effects. Heal Companion has been added to Ranger's AI. Bashing now generates focus and procs carnage. Fixed an issue where items would appear highlighted when equipped. Beam Spell VFX no longer persists after combat. Fixed an issue where the knockout injury System Shock did not lowers defense against prone. Fixed an issue where Soul Essences could detect your party while in scouting mode. Attack animations interrupted by summon weapon duration running out will no longer break Wizards spells/attacks. Fixed an issue with companions not dropping weapons upon death while using a summoned weapon. Buffed Bog Oozes. Fixed an issue where they had the incorrect armor/weapons. Potions of Major and Minor Recovery adjusted to properly lower the duration of incoming hostile effects. You are now able to switch weapon sets while a summon weapon is active. Fixed an issue where spawned enemy units could have multiples of the same immunities. Fixed an issue where spawned enemy units did not have immunities. Characters will now have a bark when casting spells against enemies that are immune to it. UI Dominated friendlies now use a yellow selection circle. Text format of Soulbound items now display properly. Fixed an issue where white boxes would appear next to the character portrait. Brutal Backlash no longer causes the white square to appear on characters. Fixed an issue where the biography would not display when completing TWM2. Fixed an issue where *Missing Abilities* would appear on the action bar. Phrase duration now displays correctly in the tooltip. Fixed damage calculation of base attack damage in descriptions of Full/Primary Attack abilities. Faith and Conviction values now show correctly based on your dispositions. Second Skin now appears in the DR breakdown. Charmed or Dominated allies will no longer display their defenses. Fixed an issue where the Options menu was not aligned with the Stronghold menu. Removed strange icon behind the Enchantment Anvil in the Enchant Menu. Outmaneuvering now has a proper description. Solitary item mod description was improved. Updated various spells to be marked as a hostile effect. Fixed an issue where some healing over time effects was appearing as red in the console. Fixed attacks doing base Raw damage not showing damage type in combat log summary. Fixed an issue where companion barks were being displayed twice. Kidnappings will now display which companion is sent to rescue the visitor. Updated the ability icon 'Zephyr' granted by the poleaxe 'Winds Arm'. Pearlescent Orb now has the proper icon. Fixed an issue with Spider Web Immunity, Ancient Memory, and Wall of Draining spamming the combat log. Miscellaneous Keyboard navigation of ability bar now supports quick items. Fixed an issue where text was overlapping in the Bestiary in German. Fixed French gender issues with ghost villager in Od Nua Level 1. [Mac] Fixed Front End 'buy Part 2' link [Linux] Potentially fixed an issue with the mini map on Mesa 11.0.4 graphic driver. [Linux] Corrected an issue on Linux where water was rendering black in most areas. Fixed an issue with the save files being marked as read-only. This was preventing some players from finding their saves.
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  8. We are still compiling these. There are over 400 bugs fixed which is why this is taking so long. Every change needs to be verified so it takes a long time to compile these notes. Steven King is on the case now, so he should be able to update you guys in the next day or two.
  9. There are definitely a few big ones mixed in there.
  10. Update 3.02 Beta is now live on Steam. Lots of smaller fixes in this update. Update notes will be coming later today. EDIT: I lied. It probably won't be together until Monday. There are a few weeks of bugs check-ins that we still need to go through. EDIT2: Link for patch notes: https://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-192-update-notes-302/
  11. Hey, Shico. I am unable to reproduce this at work. Can you send me a private message that mentions where you purchased the game and your exact SKU. Thanks.
  12. Sorry, everyone. I don't have any insight into how GOG generates the patches. One thing to note about folks that are not seeing 3.01 on GOG: GOG mentioned that 3.01 is live. If folks aren't seeing it, it is because they need to refresh their GOG account for it to show up properly. To refresh your account you can visit the following link on GOG: https://www.gog.com/account/refresh
  13. This is something that's always bothered me when games get updated (sometimes they're actually just released this way) where tool tips or information about classes/skills/abilities/etc is either vague or has changed due to patching and it's not updated in-game. Is the reason always because there's too much work for too little benefit? I find it extremely annoying to look in-game at the description/explanation of some aspect of the game and it's either totally wrong or too vague to interpret properly. Every game is different. I assume sometimes it is an oversight. For PoE, we don't really have a systematic way to display the kind of information that would need to be displayed. It is something we could technically do, but it would likely cause many different spell/ability descriptions to need revision. It probably wouldn't be worth the effort to make the change unless it was a large systemic problem.
  14. Obsidian's Official Reply: St. Ydwen's Redeemer will destroy vessels of a level lower than the wielders. For vessels of an equal or higher level compared to the wielder, it will do additional damage instead. The tooltip is vague, but it will probably not be fixed because it would require larger changes to the UI system to display the information correctly.
  15. There isn't a lot we can do about that. It is a mixture of how Unity 4 creates builds and how Steam generates patches. Supposedly it is better with Unity 5, but I am not sure.
  16. I saw the fix in our changelist, but it was being held until the 3.02 patch since it came in after our deadline.
  17. illathid: I didn't see a fix for the Faith and Conviction bug in the check-ins. It is possible that it will be on 3.02. Leferd: I would expect a mix of balance changes, gameplay tweaks, and bug fixing.
  18. Update 3.01 is now live on Steam and Origin. GOG should follow in the next day or two. You can see the changelist by going here.
  19. These are the update notes for Update 3.01. Major Fixes Fixed a problem where players were unable to loot containers in Ondra's Gift at night. Using Abydon's Hammer will now properly unequip offhand items. Fixed an issue to prevent the game hanging on completion of some Stronghold adventures. White March Specific Marunn's door in the Great Hall will no longer be sealed if the area, for any reason, resets its persistence data upon returning to it from lower levels of the battery. Various balance fixes to combats and skill checks in the Abbey of the Fallen Moon. Fixed white box effect appearing on tentacle emerge in Maneha's cutscene in Burden of Memory quest. Cleaned up the infiltration option into the Abbey of the Fallen Moon so it will feel less confusing. Fixed an issue where attacking Kaoto after peaceful dialogue, then sneaking into Halls of Silence unseen by any other guards, and then selecting a particular dialogue option if discovered by guards in Halls of Silence, will no longer cause the game to hang. Adjusted Maneha's stats down to 78. Previously they were at 81. Fixed an issue in the Ice Floes scripted interaction in Cayron's Scar so it will display the correct name when a Dexterity check is failed. Picking up Grey Sleeper while your character's inventory is full will no longer delete your character's previously equipped weapon. Fixed issue with a guard in Cragholdt Bluffs that barks "You had your chance" after every dialogue ending. Fixed issues with Mowrghek Ien where combats could be started with enemies that the player could not reach. Updated Kraken Poison Cloud to use correct icon/name. Fixed problem where the fort gate may not open during an Eyeless attack. Ending interstitial now plays proper VO. Spells and Abilities Lowered Reaping Knives focus gain to 30% so that it'll be the correct amount after Soul. Updated Healing Chain so its no longer a Spell Chance and now it correct functions as a Spellbind. Fixed Triumph of the Crusaders so it is now working correctly. Characters now gain Second Wind correctly. Fixed a problem where characters were getting Second Wind twice. Fixed Distant Advantage accuracy bonus applying as a penalty. Updated Hope Eternal so that it now works correctly. Items Infinite-duration status effects from missing equipment will be removed on load. Added the Outmanuvering Name to the 2nd unlock for Steadfast for certain classes. Steadfast now has the correct unlock for Druids. Gyrd Haewanes Stenes will now present a pop-up UI on its final level up. Gameplay Updated new traps so they're using the correct icons and names. Also updated the the Part I Killing Bolt Trap and Storm of Fire Trap. Fixed some resting options in dialogues that were not working correctly. Option to buy veteran troops for the battle of Yenwood will no longer only display once. It will stay available until purchased. Fixed issue with traps not being marked as "Detected" soon enough. This was causing high Mechanics party members to detect friendly "traps" from some spells. UI Fixed area maps so the fog of war correctly covers the entire map in some areas that were having problems. Added the sketch to Abydon's Hammer. Hooked up new icons for various Eyeless abilities. Fixing some bestiary bugs. Eyeless Stonepiercers using the wrong names and Snow Bears not counting to the right Bestiary entry. Snow Bear added into the bestiary. Fixed grimoire learn buttons not showing the first time a grimoire was opened. Form of the Delemgan should have redundant entries in the UI removed. Better UI formatting for abilities that reduce affliction durations.
  20. After speaking with Paradox I was told that it is a technical issue with GOG technology. I guess they would have to make upgrades to their pipeline to support it. When they fix those pipeline issues we should be able to offer the upgrade path to users. NOTE: I have not spoken to anyone from GOG, so I can't personally verify if this is the case, but I don't have any reason to think it's false.
  21. I will bring this issue up to Paradox to see if this is something they want to pursue. There were no bad intentions in not selling the upgrade paths to GOG users, it was just that not many people have requested it. Since there is inherent overhead in creating DLC (in terms of initial setup and maintenance) there usually needs to be enough people requesting it before it makes sense for us to do it. I will let you know what the answer is in the next day or two.
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