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  1. I appreciate the quick response. FWIW it wasn't until i came here to make this post that I learned about the Pathfinder Ambassador program (for which i definitely qualify) and seeing that I was missing a few things I decided to request a Steam refund and now wait for the Ambassador pieces to be put into place. I sure hope I didnt further mess things up. I wish you guys the best of luck during this launch.
  2. for what its worth i was also concerned. i tested it out last night by linking my Android and my iOS games together. android had a party of two mid campaign + 45 chests + 500 gold. iOS had 6 parties all over the place + 0 chests + 8300 gold + RotR bundle purchased. on iOS i created the link code (aka secret) and on android i typed in the iOS code (aka secret) and the iOS PFID. it happened to work perfect for me. now both clients show 7 parties, 45 chests, 8800 gold, RotR. I share your hesitation but found a little hope last night. crossing my fingers
  3. so i have loved the game on iPad and was excited to see it pop up on steam. super disappointed that it is not Free to Play for a base version like we see on tablets especially since i have already purchased a lot of the content over on iPad. but that is besides the point. i purchased the Obsidian Edition however many of the listed rewards are not there. i wanted to see if this was a known issue before i got a refund and then repurchase the standard edition. dont want to pay for nothing. here is what the steam page says: STANDARD EDITION AND OBSIDIAN EDITION CONTENTSThe Standard Edition of Pathfinder Adventure contains: Base Deck & 6 Additional Adventure Decks 11 Iconic Characters ~1000 original cards Treasure Cards 1: 88 Uncommon and Rare Treasure cards. The Obsidian Edition of Pathfinder Adventures contains: Base Deck & 6 Additional Adventure Decks 11 Iconic Characters ~1000 original cards Treasure Cards 1: 88 Uncommon and Rare Treasure cards Epic and Legendary Cards 1: 106 Epic and Legendary Treasure Cards Gold, Runes, and Charms: 5000 Gold, 8 Runes, and 21 Charms Pillars of Eternity Promotion Cards: 3 promotional ally cards: Eder, Pallegina, Goblin Golem of Obsidian All Alts: 11 Alternate Equipment sets for the Iconic characters Legendary Items: 3 Legendary rarity cards Goblin campaign Deck 1 with 2 New Goblin Characters. and so far here is a list of what i am missing. i have only had a few minutes to poke around so i will only list things i can confirm is not available. Gold, Runes, and Charms: 5000 Gold, 8 Runes, and 21 Charms Pillars of Eternity Promotion Cards: 2 promotional ally cards: Eder, Pallegina Goblin campaign Deck 1 with 2 New Goblin Characters. i will have to look around later to see if i have those 3 legendary items as well as the 106 Epic and Legendary cards
  4. I recently started noticing that sometimes i see a button at the very top of the screen that allows me to ask another character in my location to make a check for me. But i dont see it all the time. Was that added in the last patch? Maybe it has been there a while i just dont recall it. I looked around the forums and the rules for it and i couldn't find much about other characters making a check for you. So i came looking for more answers. Is that only available under specific conditions? only if its combat? I did find a very old comment on another site that was quoting the physical card game rules: and that seems to be consistent with how the game is playing i guess i just didnt notice it before and could not find it in the in-game Rules. Since i started looking for it it has been very very useful on monsters that require two or more checks allowing another character to hit one. i wonder if many people spec parties around this mechanic.
  5. i am glad to hear that maintaining the async gameplay is important to you. specifically to comment on your points i think it would be OK initially to just encourage heavily players establishing assist cards. it might take a few games or turns to sink in but people will learn quickly i think. anyways thanks for your thought on this. keep it up
  6. iPad, ios9, v1.0.3.5 We were playing a party of 4. Attack on Sandpoint. Seelah found the villain Ripnugget and Stickfoot. we temporarily closed a few locations including Valeros banishing the Smith card . while Kyra was attempting to Temporarily close the location "Swallowtail Festival" we had a problem. see the closing condition is "Defeat or acquire the next card in the deck. If there isn't one, you may close this location automatically." the next card was a Goblin Raider (henchman) which i defeated. his card reads: "... If defeated, you may immediately attempt to close the location this henchman came from.". upon defeating him i was prompted "Do you want to close this location?" this is where we knew something was wrong because during a temporary close you are not asked this. I selected yes HALF expecting to have to defeat ANOTHER card as per the location closing condition. Alas i was NOT required to defeat another card HOWEVER the game did not prompt us to finish temporarily closing locations. The location appeared as it typically does after a close with the red background and the "Play" button to continue play. The game proceeded to Ezrens turn (he was following Kyra) and the game completely forgot we were in the middle of facing a villain. Yet Smith was banished we miss Smith. Seelah never technically completed that turn. i know you dont care but for the record we did find the Villain were we left him. He slipped through our fingers but we finally got him on turn 0. slippery little goblin
  7. Is this were I can report bugs? So I was playing today. It was Seonis turn on shadow clock. All card recharged of course and she had 6 in hand 0 in draw pile. During her turn she discarded at least one card. During the other characters turns they needed to use her other cards, like a blessing or two. Back to Seonis turn. She recharged the remaining 2-3 cards and drew them but when she was supposed to die she didn't. Game didn't really freeze I just couldn't do anything. Couldn't advance, play a card, die. I killed the game (iPad BTW) started it back up and continued my story. Seoni is at the shadow clock able to play/explore. I essentially dodged her death there. Add it to the list! Thanks a bunch for thr awesome game
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