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So, what character did you roll for first play through?

Character class rolled for first play through?  

49 members have voted

  1. 1. Character class rolled for first play through?

    • Barbarian or Fighter
    • Chanter
    • Cipher
    • Druid
    • Wizard
    • Monk
    • Paladin
    • Priest
    • Ranger
    • Rouge

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The question pretty much sums it up: what was the character (class) you decided to roll for your first play through? As I personally remembered it from Baldur's Gate, the first one is always special.  :)


Feel free to elaborate in the comments if you wish. 


(By the way only 10 options in the poll so I joined Barbarian and Fighter...)


In BG my first character was a ranger which ended up as a tank / dual wielder. 


In PoE I wen't with a ranger as well, with a similar goal...

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Human priest of Eothas.  She's been a lot of fun, and I really enjoy how her favoured dispositions have turned out to not uncommonly be at odds with one another when it comes to quest solutions; benevolent and honest are favoured, but sometimes what I'd consider the "best" solution involves a deceptive approach instead, all in very reasonable and believable ways.  It's made for some great roleplaying decisions.

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Death Godlike Cipher (same one in my LP down there), as it was the most interesting to me when I played such a class/race in the beta. Plus Ciphers just seem absurdly strong in the first place. Mind Wave OP.

The Adventures of Abattoir, my Pillars of Eternity Let's Play! Following Abattoir, an Aumaua-sized Death Godlike Cipher who wishes to prove to the world that Death Godlikes can be trustworthy and helpful, while getting caught in some terrible circumstances.

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Death Godlike Cipher here too.


Yeah, the class doesnt seem to be the most balanced one.


Damage done:


Cipher MC, 26k

Total damage dealt by 7 companions, 22k


It's just absurdly strong to spam mind blades lvl 4 onwards. Starting 30 focus every fight, you mind blades twice and the entire enemy mob is at the brink of death.

Cipher spells don't have the same restrictions than all other caster classes, and they are stronger overall. A lot of them have a low cast time too. They have approx 10-20% lower base damage than comparable mage spells, but you get to use as many spells per fight as a mage gets to per rest. And I'm not even abusing the blunderbuss + focus per hit talent combo.

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