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  1. Sad about Forton. He looked like he'd be one of the more interesting characters in the game. Would've liked to discuss philosophy with him
  2. Here is the playlist of my finally completed my Let's Play of Pillars of Eternity! Totaling 120 parts (117 actual parts, 3 'extras' where I previously cheated to win the game but decided to go back and finish legit instead), this is my first playthrough of the game, going into it with backer beta gameplay knowledge. I play a Death Godlike Cipher named Abattoir, a Philosopher who tries to show that Death Godlikes (even the big, scary ones) can be kind-hearted and honest. My mouse is, unfortunately, off-center for the first 27 parts due to my monitor's native aspect ratio being 5:4 and m
  3. I've got a bug or something regarding my character's movement speed when I have all or one of the characters selected. Here is a video demonstrating the problem. I have no idea how to reproduce the issue. Hope it's something easy to deal with.
  4. Yes, I agree. [insert 'Obsidian please add this!' sign here]
  5. Actually it is possible to run away from an engagement. You just have to be fast enough and not get knocked down. So in most cases you are right, but not in all cases.
  6. If you have the Stronghold, you can send them on missions that sometimes pop up and they will gain XP.
  7. Hear hear! Although I am sad more people aren't afraid of my Death Godlike.
  8. I'd say I'm a Baldur's Gate veteran. I started on Hard. It's difficult enough to be a challenge for me, but not so much that I'm dying over and over again. Anyone new to this kind of game's combat should probably start with Easy. Those at least familiar with BG should be okay on Normal.
  9. Woohoo! I imagine it will be even higher after the first bug fixing patch.
  10. Death Godlike Cipher (same one in my LP down there), as it was the most interesting to me when I played such a class/race in the beta. Plus Ciphers just seem absurdly strong in the first place. Mind Wave OP.
  11. You shouldn't miss out I believe. You can always dismiss them from the roster at your Stronghold (at least, I'm pretty sure you can. It wouldn't make sense otherwise).
  12. I believe it is every other level. Get one at level 2, 4, 6, 8, etc, I believe. At least I know I got more talents at level 6.
  13. Yeah, definitely sounds like a bug. Those upstairs didn't turn hostile for me. Only way I could think it not being a bug is if you hit someone below who was not hostile, but that seems unlikely as everyone seemed to turn hostile, except one or two individuals.
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