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  1. I am sick of waiting for PoTD to get fully tuned. Bring on DOS 2 Definitive Edition, hopefully they added a tougher difficulty, Taactician+ or something.
  2. Oh that really sux then. Devs said they will tune PotD, but it seems they have only really scraped it. Hopefully they will tune it extensively in the future, otherwise it will be a shame for me.
  3. What's it like now? I am still waiting for it to be tuned. Is it harder yet with the new challenges options? Do you still severely out level all enemies by the end of the game?
  4. Did this patch further tune PoTD? Im waiting till it has been thoroughly tweaked and challenging. I heard the first half of the game has from the previous update, but not so sure about the 2nd half of the game.
  5. Obsidian are you listening? Please adjust the rest of PoTD!
  6. Ok so I guess I still have a bit of waiting to go then until PoTD has been more thoroughly tuned.
  7. kool I am going to try it with deadly deadfire Normal + PoTD
  8. been waiting till PoTD is actually made challenging. Has it been improved upon much or still more to be tweaked on it? If not I am thinking of playing with the current PoTD and the deadly deadfire mod.
  9. Well theres a start to better PotD to come. But still waiting till there is a thorough fix to it. Until then Obsidian, my money stays in my pocket.
  10. Oh yes finally, a set date for atleast the start of revamping the hard difficulties
  11. this is all just terrible news. I am really going to have to wait months it seems, before I dive in?
  12. when will Path of the Damned be tweaked/fixed properly?
  13. Man that is really sad if PoTD difficulty is borked upon release. I won't be purchasing until this is addressed.
  14. So basically I won't be getting this game until PoTD is properly tuned to be difficult through out.
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