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  1. Rogue is good for traps and chests, combat wise it's a combo character. Damage significantly increases if whatever you're whapping on has a status effect like blind or hobble.
  2. Can confirm that it is a bug, after 3 attempts I was able to leave properly. It appears that if you leave and talk to the bald guy and go back into the main room the npcs reset and the golems attack them and it is blamed on you.
  3. That's what leads me to believe that it's not supposed to happen. The Warden KNOWS you're investigating a Laden Spy, no one on the level is aggressive until you go upstairs, the bald dude tells you not to report him to the statue.
  4. So I just went to the Sanitarium to deal with Aloth's angry past life and figured I should just do the Key's mission while I am here. Upon completing it and Theloth body jumps to the golems everyone upstairs turns hostile. Is this supposed to happen?
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