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  1. About this topic, i noticed that some kind of "medioevality" has been missed during the development of pillars of eternity saga. I love these two games, to be clear, but i don't like biomes like beaches and sea and expecially pirate era. I prefer Woods, mountains,iron and the typical brutality of bg1. Instead i love games like these. I Hope that you'll take It like a personal opinion, Sorry for my english
  2. The game is affected by continuous stuttering every 10 seconds, expecially in combat mode and in certain areas. I love the game, but that issue is very very annoying. That's my rig: I7 4770k, AMD r9 290, 16gb ram and the game is running on windows 10 on a seagate barracuda. Please help
  3. Same here, fps drops and some combats are unplayable. Here my specs: Intel i7 4770k, 16 gb corsair vengeance, r9 290. Game runs on a mechanical seagate barracuda
  4. Hello all I'm writing here because i cannot explain how my performances could be so low on this game I've lot of FPS drops,expecially during combat and when there are a lot of magic effects on screen. My fps drops from 60 to 45/30 in these kind of situations. That's my rig I7 4770k r9 290 tri-x 16 giga Ram Corsair vengeance Game runs on a seagate barracuda 7200 Thanks for support and sorry for my bad english
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