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  1. I did nearly everything except the bounties, the Endless Paths, and a few quests that would've been out of character, and I went into the final fight about halfway to level 11. So not completionist-minus-those-two-things, but pretty close. You could perhaps reach 11 without them.
  2. The simple fact that their deities have separate portfolios and areas of control implies a belief in some restrictions/rules on the gods, rather than omnipotence.
  3. The fact that they have to act through humans. They gain power from human souls not from something else. The vision with Thaos where the game pretty much says he creates Woedica. Thaos never saying it isn't true only refusing to answer you instead. The fact that Eothas appears to be dead or at least missing and was killed by a bomb made by humans, even if a God told them how to make it. Iovara is also not the only one who implies they aren't real gods, there are the two Pwygra in Twin Elms. If they really were all powerful beings that existed from the beginning of time why do they nee
  4. Oh, I looked for options to not immediately believe what she said; if I recall correctly, the closest was more NO IT CANNOT BE TRUE! D: than a simple "I don't believe you."
  5. I found the speed at which we just accepted Iovara's statements ridiculous and rather annoying as well, especially as she was offering no proof. My character's been a priest for potentially decades, likely grown up believing in the gods, and some random spirit tells her "oh hey btw the gods were created by the Engwithans because they couldn't find any others" and she just accepts it as true immediately? As does everyone else? No scepticism?
  6. Honestly, if they just put the mechanics gloves in some shop at a high price, I think I'd be mostly happy. That said, I'm not going to be thrilled if PoE2 actually has more interesting items and they're distributed randomly/sometimes not at all.
  7. I assumed the vision at the end was them creating all the gods. Why just Woedica?
  8. Steam patches are always pretty big. Nothing Obsidian can do about that, I gather.
  9. This is really more a 4-point scale with no 0/5 labelled option.
  10. Someone gave me a cat once. And I found another. A zombie cat.
  11. It's only a "bad" ending if you think that being created makes a god false. My character didn't, especially.
  12. Your reasoning is still garbage. Skill checks are rare. Rarely needed even if checked. And tend to be quite high. +1 making a difference will thus also be insanely rare. Just because youd make a dumb choice doesnt mean the choice isnt obvious. The only time you should choose a +1 to mechanics over something like +4 int is because you know a check is coming up and what that check is and that +1 is going to be enough. Uh-huh.
  13. I never said it was overpowered, dude. What I said was that taking either the cumulative bonuses or +4 Intellect was not an obvious choice, and explained why.
  14. Its not overpowered AT ALL. Yeah it is an obvious choice. +4 all the way every time. Unless you need a skill boost for something in particular. The boosts are percentage based. Higher and focused beats low and spread out by a mile because no one needs every stat boosted. Having it be cumulative is in no way overpowered. Itd still be pretty weak actually. With various conversation checks and other situations where +1 to different skills would prove useful in succession, I'd take the cumulative stronghold bonuses on many occasions, for convenience. Just not all occasions.
  15. I'd say it was pretty obvious my first time playing that there were three factions, myself, and that their second quests would lock me out of doing anything with the others (to the point that I delayed to do all my shopping with them first), it's just not clear or intuitive that accepting the quest is what'll do it, rather than completing the quest or murdering other faction members in the course of the quest. I would very much not like being forced to do something for all of the groups; my character did not especially want anything to do with either the criminals or the revolutionaries.
  16. It's not even that overpowered; +4 Intellect vs +1 to everything is not an obvious choice.
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