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  1. Half the game ???, Some are big, others are small but never half the size of the installed game. I bought a few games retail that install through steam and this is the first game that had to download half the game to install. If Obsidian literally patched 3 gb of data since release then i can understand there is not much they can do about it, i find this hard to believe though
  2. The Installation from disk doesn't install the whole game, requiring a further 3 Gb download once it painfully installs some from disk. I understand there have been patches since the release of the game, but half the game seems excessive and i believe that something with the installer is forcing me to download extra data. Due to where i live i can only get wireless internet, and 3gb is roughly $40, or almost what i paid for the game. Needless to say i am not very happy Can you please look at this? 3gb patch on 6.5gb game would piss me off even if i had cheap internet
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