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  1. doesn't seem like a "bug" per-se, but the exposition may work better if she attacks you when you climb into her lair. i mean the buildup is Falanroed telling you to get her before she gets you for betrayal, and also you sensing her anger about your betrayal. otherwise where exactly did her soul go...the amulet disintegrating would seem to indicate she quickly reassumed control when she realized what you were up to.
  2. That's a good point about midday seeming the same as midnight. I remember in BG1 certain people would only show up for heists in dark alleys after dark, for example. I think even in Beregost the blacksmith closed up shop in the evenings. Contrast this with PoE where everything is static 25/7, and it only compounds the feeling of the absence of vibrancy. Must have been a design choice? Because it doesn't seem like it would be very taxing to implement these nuances, and others, such as having more generic people out and about in daytime. Some people have said they preferred the lower den
  3. First let me just say that PoE has been, so far, a stellar game, and this is mostly meant as constructive debate about potential improvements for the next iteration. I am just making my way through defiance bay for the first time, and I remember reading an old blog post about content density, especially in comparison to BG2. Now from what I remember, Athkatla was a bustling place, and this wasn't a turn off. You walk in to the Copper Coronet and you have so much stuff going on. You pick and choose what caters to your interests. Then there was BG1, where content was less dense, but you
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