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  1. I just used my strongest lingering AoE spells inthose fights. Cast everything you can over the fampyrs and your own guys. As soon as the charm ends, cast more. Eventually there won't be any fampyrs left standing. Not the cleanest way, or the most efficient, but it worked.
  2. Haven't read the review yet, but since I do lurk at Codex very often, that sort of writing isn't surprising. Also, keep in mind, that the reviews at Codex are written for Codexers. They joke about gays, lesbians, transsexuals and everything else constantly. And people like the place because you CAN say whatever you want there. That's why I do, for example. And they don't sugarcoat stuff. If they think somerhing sucks, they say it.
  3. There are a few SUBclass dialogue choices, I'm sure that I saw at least on Corpse-Eater and drugmonk choice duringmy playthrough. But IMO, if these special classes were added as Blessings, I think that the game should just consider you to be the base class.
  4. I've only played through the game once, and I'll probably wait until all three DLCs are released to play again, but when I do, I will use every blessing that I can. I earned the points to buy those bonuses, and I will use them.
  5. Same happened to me. I already cleared the way into the crypt before I talked to Copperhead. I asked him to create a diversion, and now he just wishes me luck. Don't know wheter or not destroying the orb has any effect. I load save from the entrence of the crypt and clear entire floor again, but first I killed 2 bosses and only then used their blood to open the door. I leave the orb intact and then spoke to Copperhead, completing the quest. Alright. I just tried to do it again, by loading a save before I enteret the top of the mountain, but Copperhead still won't talk to me. I don't know if I have the patience to clear the whole damn crypt again to try and see if it works this time.
  6. Same happened to me. I already cleared the way into the crypt before I talked to Copperhead. I asked him to create a diversion, and now he just wishes me luck. Don't know wheter or not destroying the orb has any effect.
  7. I completed the quest peacufully, they agreed to hunt pirates together, and I got no items as rewards. Or do I need to go back and talk to them both after the deal is made?
  8. They are shown on the Reputation page of your charactersheet.
  9. I'm going to continue with my Priest of Eothas. I've been thinking about multiclassing him, but don't really know what, if anything would feel nice or cool, so perhaps he will just be a single-class priest.
  10. Alright, thank you again. I'll be sure to take your advice to consideration when I start to play.
  11. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately my last character was a Priest of Eothas, and I don't want to use the same weapons on two consecutive characters.
  12. I've been thinking about making a melee Cipher too, though a dual wielder. So I thought that more PER than DEX in that case. Haven't really decided on the weapons yet. Maybe saber and a stiletto?
  13. I thunk that the first time you go to Stalwart, someone tells you, that the journey will take a couole of weeks. Maybe it was the Steward of Caes Nua? Don't know why the travel window says 24h.
  14. They might be burried deeper in the respective threads. But I remember that the Juggernaut Monk for example is possible to do with Zahua. Eder can probably be made with one or few of the Lady of Pain builds. Kana can be made as a Drake's Ambassador.
  15. Since you are playing on easy, it doesn't really matter that much, just take what seems interesting/cool. That said, if you wanna have guides for your characters, you can't really go wrong with the ones here. Some of them state that they fit the story companions too.
  16. I've been thinking about trying a melee cipher myself. Probably going to go with a morningstar, because morningstars are cool. Don't really know about stats though. I was thinking about leaving Might, Constitution and Resolve at 10, and the others at 16. Is this wise for a two-hander?
  17. I went there before even getting to Defiance Bay, I think I was lvl5 then. Didn't do much there though.
  18. Thanks to everyone for the tips, I'm sure that I'll be able to work something out. Just tried something up now: MIG 16 CON 10 DEX 12 PER 19 INT 5 RES 16 Human, because HFY, that's why. Don't know if I really need that 12 in DEX, maybe drop it to 10, and add those 2 points to INT to balance it a bit out. Or buff MIG or RES to 18. Yeah, I figured that out. Seems like a really useless talent in the long term. I might take the sword&shield talent at some point. Or not, since paladins have good saves anyway, most likely will carry a shield along, though.
  19. Been thinking about starting a new game as a crit build Paladin. Mainly going to use Battle Axe, and no shield for the accuracy bonus. Havent decided on order yet, though probably going for Kind Wayfarer. Stats are completely undecided. Max PER for the accuracy bonus, but that's it. I don't think that I need too much INT for this build, so maybe take points from that and add them to MIG and DEX. But like I said, not decided yet. Oh, and also, I'm going to play on hard, so no PotD stuff required.
  20. Why would it cost more to buy them together than separate? Also, where did you hear about that 8 month wait for part 2?
  21. I've been using pistol on my rogue ever since the start of the game. The loading times are annoying, but even with low Might, my rogue is still the top damagedealer in the party.
  22. Your joke failed. Try again in a few weeks.
  23. Rogue, using pistol now that I found something better than The Dissapointer. Having a few guys stand between my rogue and the enemies helps.
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