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  1. It’s been interesting to follow this forum and all the different builds that people have come up with. Although I’m kind of curious to hear from all of you which class and build you actually enjoyed the most in all of your playthroughs of the game? It doesn’t have to be the most min/maxed or effective build but simply which one you had the most fun playing?
  2. Thanks for the help, everyone. How should I allocate my stats at the beginning? Is PER more important due to the fact that you won't generate any focus if you are not hitting or should I go for more MIG and therefore more oomph in my hits?
  3. I've tried for a while to get into the Cipher class for a while but it never managed to capture my interest which was a damn shame since I really enjoy the spellsword/psychic warrior aspect of the class. I had a look at different guides for melee Ciphers but most of them tend to a) be very outdated or b) simply telling me to play as a ranged Cipher instead. As some of you may have noticed I have made posts about playing as a melee Wizard and also as a high INT Fighter that uses scrolls, which has been fun but I'd like to ask for some help in how I should approach the challenge of building
  4. I’m currently playing a rogue and a fighter that uses scrolls and spellbound times and it’s a lot of fun but I haven’t managed to choose between them yet. At least they are far more fun to play than my melee muscle wizard.
  5. Ok, thanks. Guess I'll just have to decide between the staying power of the Fighter or the damage dealing abilities of the Rogue. I always thought that I would enjoy the Cipher class more than I ended up doing but maybe I'll warm up to it again.
  6. I’m going with a party made up mostly by the plot characters. I’ve never completed the game before due to various circumstances but now I’m going to try for a ”Canon” run to import into Deadfire.
  7. I'm in kind of the same position as the OP as in that I'm looking for a spellsword kind of character but I've found Ciphers a bit lacking and while my current muscle Wizard is going well I'm currently thinking about testing a Fighter or a Rogue with high Lore. Since most the thread already has discussed a Rogue build, what about a Fighter? Is it viable (and fun) to go with this kind of build?
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