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  1. The way it ended with Eothas and what he did, it sounds like there could be a really awesome new story arc to follow. Maybe even with a new protagonist
  2. Not real sure what exactly happened. I hadn't played the game since before the update that allowed for turn based mode (which I'm not using) I install the updates, bought Forgotten Sanctum, and got ready to play through the game from the start 4 horrible new "features" appeared for me - Load times between 20 seconds to several MINUTES. This is when I load the game or transition from areas. It's insufferable - Sometimes, game just won't load at all. It freezes and crashes - Characters sometimes toggle into walking mode, even in the middle of combat, which shouldn't happen because the game doesn't allow it - Combat gets extremely choppy. Frame rate will be at maximum, then drop to 20, then shoot back up. It really messes up my placement Anybody have any idea why this is happening? Maybe experience the same things?
  3. Don't know if you're still struggling, OP, but wanted to hop in and try to help Pillars is a wonderful game very dear to many of us, but like any RPG, understanding the mechanics can really help. Having a firm grasp of how deflection, fort, ref, and will stats work will help you stun lock and over power your enemies. Once you understand the game well enough, you can look at an enemy's state line and know if it's going to be too hard for you to kill. Generally, if your accuracy is 10 points lower than an enemy's defensive stats, expect a tough fight. 20 points lower, expect it to be nearly impossible to land anything but grazes. In the lighthouse, you have to set up your team in a way that the shades won't insta-gib your casters. On the first level, put them in the left corner near the door with your front liners surrounding them. You can send a rogue (if you have one) over to pop the door, then Escape back to safety. It really pays to have 4 melee guys, and keep them in front of your casters Use your priest to cast aoe heals and heals over time, while your mage puts ups a chill fog or two to blind the shades. If the blind isn't working, your'e probably just too low leveled to beat it. Easy mode should be doable with a single character. If you're party can't take them, come back later
  4. Wael's Wind seems to be the safest, most effective way to deal with these pests. Unless you are playing on Trial of Iron and happen to accidentally engage Fampyrs (which would really suck), resting and having a sip of that fine alcohol makes them totally useless. Fampyrs without their gaze attack are just slightly tougher undead. I dispatched them with ease on path of the damned
  5. Sounds like your version of this build is more aggressive than mine, which is geared towards passive, unstoppable, steady damage I take Patinated plate because this build doesn't have any abilities that make him effective with weapons, and he doesn't need to cast quickly. Patinated Plate stuns enemies that attack you, pretty damn often, so I found it to be helpful in keeping the Chanter alive, especially if he's last man standing
  6. Had an idea a few days ago, so I fleshed it out and put it to the test. I wanted to share, because he ended up being a tremendously useful damage support character The idea is pretty simple, the torrent of flame just stands there and kill everyone around him slowly while being largely untouchable due to his gear (not so much his stats) Race: Fire Godlike (or Human if you want some kind of helmet, but Fire Godlike's Battle Forged is very useful) Background: Any Culture: Old Vailia, or The White That Wends Class: Goldpact Knight and Troubadour Stats (Stats w/ gear) Mig: 18 (20) Con: 10 Dex: 4 (5) Per: 18 (19) Int: 18 (20) Res: 10 (11) Starting Abilities: Lay on Hands Sworn Enemy Come, Come Soft Winds of Death And Hel Hyraf Crashed Upon the Waves Skills: Athletics Any other End Game Gear: Patinated Plate (with Constant Rebound and Burnished Joints) Nerian's Ward (Legendary, Father's Bastion, Father's Aegis) Magran's Favor (Blazing Core, Enduring Flames) Kuaru's Prize (Spell damage, bonus Intellect and Perception) Ring of Focused Flame (accuracy with fire attacks) Greater Cloak of Deflection Boots of the Stone (+1 Dex, +1 Resolve, resistance to Might Afflictions) Woedica's Strangling Grasp (+2 Might, Garrot, +2 Burn Armor Rating) Strand of Favor (Reduce hostile effect duration, increase your effect duration, +1 Intellect) Reforge the Flesh (heal at low health, +1 Might, +1 crush armor rating) Abilities you MUST take: The Dragon Thrashed, The Dragon Wailed (use this with your Troubador modal so it constantly strikes nearby foes) The Shield Cracks (Lower armor, increase duration when enemies take damage, which is every few seconds) Their Champion Braved the Horde Alone (+5 Might, +2 Penetration, Attacks interrupt on Crit for 30 seconds) Brand Enemy (Burn damage over time, and all your damage done to targets is increased, raising the effectiveness of Dragon Thrash, Dragon Wail) Scion of Flame (+1 Penetration with Fire) Inspired Defense and Stoic Steel (Bonus armor) Zealous Aura (Both Exalted Endurance and Exalted Focus are extremely useful, situation depending) Virtuous Triumph (25% chance to regain Zeal on kill) Weapon and Shield Style Deep Faith (especially if this character is your watcher) Snake's Reflexes (to counteract your low Dexterity) Everything else is up to you Sacred Immolation would be good here for even MORE AOE fire damage, but it does deal damage to you, so unless you have a good healer or maybe switch the items around, perhaps add Constitution, it is dangerous to use in this build, especially because you can't upgrade it due to multiclass I would definitely also take Tough and Uncanny Luck if you can spare the points So very little of the Chanter's abilities are used here. You set The Dragon Thrashed, The Dragon Wailed as your only chant, put it on Brisk Recitation. Every few seconds, you'll launch that attack at everyone, doing the best of Fire or Slash damage. With such high fire penetration and power level, it's usually fire. When combat starts, hit everyone with Brand Enemy, adding more DOTs and boosting your chant damage. If you're positioned right, use The Shield Cracks on a large group of enemies and just watch them melt. Your high deflection, medium shield modal, and Goldpact Knight ability plus all that stacked armor you got should make you nearly invincible on even path of the damned
  7. There are 2 bows that have an upgrade called Weightless Draw, which gives a 50% chance to trigger an instant cooldown on a crit. Rogue's have dirty fighting, which gives them a 10% hit to crit conversion, and you can get more with fighter's Disciplined Barrage, or just by sheer accuracy bonus from the Ranger. Swashbucklers and Scouts have some dirty crit chance. I'm using both bows in my full party playthrough on a Scout (Sharpshooter/Rogue) and a Swashbuckler (Devoted (War Bow)/Rogue). I have seen both of them trigger this ability over 6 times in a row. If you trigger it on a target that has 2 afflictions and you're using Deathblows, plus the penetration modal for war bow, and you have Devoted penetration bonus, you do unbelievably high damage, very very quickly, even to super heavily armed targets The 2 bows with Weightless Draw are called Veilpiercer (obtained from the quest New Gods of the Deadfire), and Saint Omaku's Mercy, found in the underground sea lab for the Rauati Quest in Sayuka. Veilpiercer comes legendary, gives a usable ability called Disruptive Arrow that disallows the use of activated abilities for several seconds. It also grants a huge bonus againt spirits, deals 10% raw damage, and is a veil piercing attack (obviously) Saint Omaku's Mercy is geared more for support. It comes Superb. Heavy draw makes it fire 10% slower, but gives 5% bonus damage that scales with Survival (good for your Ranger/Rogue combo), and +1 penetration, which is made even better when used by a Devoted. You'll pierce just about every armor value in the game unless it gets up into the 20s like some of the bosses. One upgradable passives gives you 15% bonus action speed that increases as you lose health, which is great because you'll be squishy. It also heals nearby allies when you score a kill, which will be often So use Omaku's Mercy against normal enemies, use Veilpiercer against spirits and wizards Here's how I recommend you build these ranged rogues (general guidelines, I don't want to look up everything) Race: Hearth Orlan (for hit to crit bonus when attacking same target as an ally) Background: Any, but you could pick one with a bonus to survival for the increased damage Class: Sharpshooter (for Hit to Crit and Penetration options based on range), Rogue (no sublcass, though assassin could work, you'll be using a ton of your resources to go stealth a lot) Rogue abilities (in no particular order, just the most necessary) Dirty Fighting (hit to crit) Two handed style (bonus damage) Counfounding Blind (bonus accuracy, blind, damage over time is super useful) Arterial Strike (bonus damage, bleed damage over time as target moves, and hobbles) ^ use these 2 together to proc your deathblows bonus Devastating blow (200% bonus damage is always great) Deathblows (duh, always take) Deep Wounds (just useful extra raw damage) Ranger abilities (again, no particular order) Driving Flight (makes a separate attack roll, good for that extra chance to score a crit) Marksman (bonus accuracy) Survival of the Fittest (bonus accuracy on targets bloodied or worse) Marked prey (bonus accuracy, take the one that spreads) Accurate wounding shot (+20 accuracy, wooo) There is an ability that I stupidly didn't take, I cannot remember the name of, but it adds 10 accuracy if you attack the same target as your animal companion. Definitely take this, and for increased animal companion effectiveness, give it the 3 damage boosting abilities (30% damage against sneak attack viable targets, 15% straight damage and bonus penetration, and 50% damage against targets who are taking damage over time, with those, your animal companion will wreck serious **** while you attack over, and over, and over again Also, I believe your animal companion counts as a friendly character for the sake of triggering Minor Threat's hit to crit bonus (Hearth Orlan). Abuse that ****, you will crit with nearly every attack As for items, any good light armor. Benwith's armor is great because it reduces the armor penalty. Gloves that give miss to graze, graze to miss or hit to crit work extremely well. For pets, take Trixie, she gives your party hit to crit conversion as well. I think it only works on companions and not the Watcher, but I could be wrong there. I'm not a huge number cruncher, I just do what I find works I will try to make a little video of this build in action sometime
  8. Went to Nekataka and bought 20 Wael's Winds. Hit the tavern and added a Herald (Shieldbearer/Troubadour) that uses the fire/slash AOE, and a Harbinger (Street Fighter/Troubadour) that uses the the phrase that weakens enemies. Ploughed right through those damn Fampyrs like they were made of butter. My original 3 party members were having trouble even without Wael's Wind, but the tons of added damage and healing from the 2 Chanters made it much easier Can't thank you guys enough. I can progress now
  9. So there's this island in the south eastern corner of the map where Fampyrs are in charge. I'm helping a self aware undead man called Copperhead or something, to defeat these Fampyrs And I just cannot win. I'm on non-upscaled Path of the Damned, and nothing works since they've updated and nerfed a lot of items. Potions of Body Atunement gives +8 defense against Mind Afflictions, but even on an Inquisitor I tried (Paladin Cipher with maxed out Resolve and Intelligence, all defensive talents, Iron Will AND Bull's will, with potion of atunement) the Fampyrs still crit his 150+ Will defense and he gets dominated My main is a Psiblade (Devoted/Cipher) with Modwyr so he's totally safe. My Crusader (Paladin/Devoted) and Cleric (Eothas/Unbroken) also get dominated or charmed, and my Psiblade, although a huge damage dealer, is unable to hack his way through several Fampyrs and a swarm of guls, plus his own team mates Does anyone have a build, ability, item, or potion suggestion for me? Maybe a tactic? It seems literally impossible to win, I've tried every high damage or high defense class combo I can think of (even though I wanted to beat the game with only 4 characters), adding a 5th hero only seems to add ammunition for them to use against me! I'm losing my mind here, friends!
  10. I run Eder as a lock down character. I'm running through the game on POTD with story companions only. His defenses are so high he can hardly be touched, and once he engages, nobody can leave combat without getting thwaked real good I've got him as a Swashbuckler, heavy shield you get from the Rathun bounty that increases his deflection by up to 20 as he loses health. He's got the upgraded fighter stance that lets him engage +3 enemies and if they leave, they got hit with a prone attack of opportunity. He's got the defensive buff that gives +15 all defenses, persistent distraction, and deep wounds. When he runs into combat, he can engage up to 4 enemies, all of them are considered flanked and distracted, queuing his sneak attacks, and anytime they miss him against deflection, they take a hit that causes raw bleed over time Also, he's got that weird paddle looking sword that gives him bonus deflection for every enemy engaged. I think once he's stuck in, his deflection is like 110 at level 12. Pretty nasty. That frees the rest of my party to alpha strike the enemy real good Maia: Ranger/Rogue running a pretty rogue oriented party. Her shooting is very accurate and queues sneak attacks because I have so many rogues in the party. The bird also has plenty of viable targets thanks to 4 characters running deep wounds Aloth: Wizard/Rogue I found his stats to be pure ****e and his spells too inaccurate to be a high damage dealing wizard, so I made him a duel wand/scepter wielder. Coupled with sneak attack and spells like chill fog and combusting wounds, he can churn out a considerable amount of damage and debuff from range I use some other companions but I couldn't tell you how they fit into my party. They're just kind of there
  11. Can't believe you killed Eder, man.... I went for a Paladin Chanter build based around limitless self healing and stun locking. My deflection didn't even matter that much, so by end game I duel wielded for the attack speed. I was a Kind Wayfarer so my flames of devotion healed me, twice thanks to duel wield. I had the saber that increases action speed and the Mowyr which also increases action speed. After a couple hits, my average dexterity and heavy armor didn't even matter, I was swinging like I was naked with maxed out dex. The one invocation that gives you quick, insightful and brilliant was OP because I could churn out endless Flames of Devotion for the accuracy buff and healing. The chants I used were +10 deflection and the healing over time one, plus exalted endurance. I ended up deleting that character after I beat the game, but there was also some kind of healing item too, so it came out to like 6 or 7 health per second, plus flames of devotion and deflection around 115. Unkillable. I breezed through the game on the 1.0.1 build
  12. I'm an American from the south but I don't have an accent like from Louisiana or Texas. Xoti's voice made me want to gouge my ears out. And that stupid idiot kid from Eder's quest and all those idiot Dawnstars made me cringe whenever they said "Gaderian Bosc" outloud. It's awful, that whole accent is awful. I don't mind it in real life, but I don't know, hearing it in a fantasy setting threw me off and I don't like it. I feel like that whole accent is a result of a decline in education haha. Just....terrible Eder is from Dyrwood and doesn't sound like that. He does sound like a regular American from the south. The Dawnstars all sound like they screw their cousins and live in a swamp
  13. Bindings? Is that refering to an item, or just any action speed enhancing ability/item? I have not found the latter to be so. I wielded 2 sword, both gave increased combat speed, and I took duel weapon fighting, and that also gave a significant increase
  14. As of the current build, I can't play the game. I can't even get through character creation without the game closing. It doesn't crash, per say, it just closes. It happened with my other 2 characters, one is on Ukaizo, the other one had just reached Neketaka, both of those games would close shortly after loading them. I guess I have to wait until June for them to fix whatever it is they broke
  15. I soloed the game on POTD upscale with a Chanter/Kind Wayfarer. They are unkillable. All I used late game was the chant that gives 10 deflection, and the chant that heals you for 1 point every second. I took very few chanter abilities once I reclassed. What I did take was the one that gives you Insightful so your class ability pool regenerates. Unlimited Flames of Devotion that heal me. Late game I was a duel wielder with deflection still at 115. My Endurance Aura got upgraded so it also healed me for 3 points every 6 seconds or so. My self heal was so high I couldn't be damaged past bloodied. I had unlimited duel wielding FoD strikes that healed me and of course give the +10 accuracy so even against enemies immune to fire it was worth using Try it out. I highly recommend Troubador, though. I went with Skald thinking I would be more spell based, and it was a mistake. Weapons are better
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