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  1. I'm kinda torn between the magran priest-bleak walker char suggested by Kaylon and a death godlike priest of berath, I have 0 experience with priests ( I usually play Xoti as a buff bot and not much else) how do they play? Any cool multiclass for priest of berath or is it better a SC?
  2. self explanatory title, trying to gather some cool ideas for my next playthrough, I've already finished the base game with an old valia, principi sided rogue and it was a blast, really felt like a silver tongued scoundrel
  3. I have installed all the components of the community patch and set the mods with the suggested load order, the icons in the skill tree look like this now https://i.imgur.com/qXe6yDq.png
  4. I'm planning on starting a new playthrough in PotD, I've already finished the game on veteran with a party composed by my Rogue mc, Eder (fighter), Serafen (chiper), Xoti (priest) and Teheku (theurge) and I'm a bit undecide on what to play next. I don't really care that much about min maxing builds but I would like to hear some ideas about "weird" and outlandish builds such as a high int rogue I've read about in this forum and differt classess synergies for a party composition
  5. I picked him up at the floatsam at the edge of the world map some days ago, today I wanted to change my team and try his fighter/monk multiclass but he's nowhere to be found
  6. if I hover the cursor over any kind of ship I get a ban symbol and I'm unable to attack, is it a bug or do I need to do something? I fought several naval battles and never found myself unable to attack a ship before EDIT: nevermind, somehow it fixed by itself
  7. so, I soulbounded my watcher to modwyr, killed a kith and got the modwyr's empathy icon indicating that it wants to talk with me but I don't see how I can do that, rightclicking the sword doesn't show any option to talk with it and I don't see any kind of icon on the ui
  8. The current character creation system really sucks and I would really like to be able to distribute my skills points as i see fit instead of being stuck with the skills assigned to each class, job and culture. Also why the heck some jobs are limited to a singular culture? Are the Iximatil plains the only place in Eora with philosophers? Is the Deadfire Arcipelago the only place where I can find a clergyman? Really? I want to be able to roleplay ffs why so many limitations to the kind of Warcher we can create?
  9. Is it possible to build a good ranged rogue or is melee better? How's single class vs multiclass? I'm looking for a single target dps build
  10. thank you but it doesn't seems to work with the most recent version of the game. I suffer from a light ocd and this thing is making me unable to start a playthrough
  11. Hello, the fact that the distribution of skills points is decided by our classes and backgrounds is driving me mad, I want to be able to allocate points as I see fit instead of having points in skills I'm not interested to (or being unable to select backgrounds such as scientist or philosopher without selecting the very specific culture to which they are assigned to) and I want to be able to roleplay while also doing a bit of powerplaying. Please, this is really important for me, if a change isn't possible is there any mod that can change that? Sorry but english isn't my first language, feel free to correct any error.
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