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  1. I'm just on a turn based playthrough and I have to say, I'm still having freeze issues. Especially during combat, which is particularly tiresome if you spent ten minutes fighting and on the last enemy the game simply freezes with sound still playing in the background. I also got inventory freezups, for some odd reason mainly with Serafen. Levelling him can be a chore with several tries. Am I to assume, the issue with nvidia cards still hasn't been resolved?
  2. I enjoyed POE Deadfire, especially the exploring and ship combat, but after replaying POE, I have to say it's the much richer game. Both in terms of original story as well as DLCs.
  3. Levelling up, equipping companions, crafting? The mouse is still working as are the menu sounds when clicking on some interactive buttons. They just don't do what they're designed for. Still, only way to resolve it is hard quitting to desktop.
  4. So exploring to the black isles leads to a strange encounter with a group resting there. This encounter can either solved peacefully or in combat. But one of your crew is there. Last time I did that encounter it was Handsome Eliam. Peacefully resolved led to them breaking up camp and leaving you alone. Handsome Eliam was gone from my crew after the encounter.
  5. I killed the oracle, set the servants free, but I can't leave the hall. The stairs can't be interacted with. How do I get out of that darned hall or is this a bug?
  6. Take my advice. Don't let Aloth cast fireballs. As things stand now, they're reflecting right back on him. Don't know if that's the particular sigil I tried it on or if this is their general behavior after the last patch.
  7. In the latest patch, I mean. I can't seem to be able to destroy them with gunfire as I did before. Guns hardly do any damage.
  8. Steam client is awful when it comes to DLC. What I do that sometimes work is un-check the DLC, then re-check it. Sometimes that kickstarts steam to start downloading it. Yeah, the unchecking rechecking sometimes works. Not this time though. It simply sits there, doing nothing. Edit: So now, out of the blue, it could be arsed to download.
  9. I got it in my list, yet steam says "not installed". Anyone knows how to force that darn client to install it?
  10. I tried Xoti again with melee. She goes down within seconds. I think, I keep her ranged. Btw, how do you get evil Xoti.
  11. I mean trying to level up or changing some gear. Game freezes and I can only forcequit to desktop via task manager.
  12. I didn't play Tyranny half as much as POE1 and Deadfire. This isn't meant to say, it's a bad game, only that in this case the setting wasn't to my liking. As for Deadfire, I can't understand someone complaining about guns. They already had their place in POE1.
  13. The battle in ME1 is entirely avoidable. Given the right decisions, you can talk Saren into killing himself.
  14. It took some time to grow on me, but that was rather due to my lack of understanding of the game mechanics rather than being a bad or boring game.
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