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  1. It's in the conversations during her quest. Yes, this is exactly right. Well said.
  2. My poor death godlike got really cranky at poor Pallegina in the first game... so much so that she flat out refused to join her in Deadfire lol. In her opinion it went like this; PC: death godlike covered I blistering scale things all over her face. Durance: he’s well... Durance. Ugliest mug that was never born godlike. Hiravias; Orlan with the highest libido this side of the Deadfire, but is an outcast with a forbidden spirit form, and had half his face ripped off... And poor poor Pallegina, pretty feathers, flawless skin, stable job, relatively well respected by most people in town..
  3. There's just so much to say about this topic... I quoted this poster though because I just want to say that this is fairly common in games. Very few games involving player romances have great writing. Not even Bioware does it perfectly. The problem is actually resources - regardless of whether the romance is straight or queer - there's only so much work hours you can dedicate to them. So at most you end up with three or four conversations culminating in a kiss/fade to black scene - and maybe a quest which performs the role of a challenge/obstacle in the relationship. "Good" game romances might
  4. Wow, thanks for all the replies and the insights. I'm glad to see I'm not alone in this restart hell. I'm kind of settled on a paladin now, though who knows what I'm going to do this morning when I open up the game. (It's almost 11am in my part of the world as I type this.) Z72
  5. I think I've gone through the introduction sequence close to 10 times now, and I still haven't settled on one character. Oh well, lets try again... *wanders off to make yet another character* Z72.
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