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  1. I have tried an invoker specced mage but I find it very unsatisfying playing with such limitations on spell casts. 2 spells per level of spell castings is no fun, especially on protracted fights
  2. Just wanna throw out there that I'm very disappointed in the game. Cons 1.) Very short game 2.) Disappointing Story 3.) Horrible balance 4.) Not enough ship battle options or stuff like that 5.) Lack of diversity in challenges in boarding parties 6.) Items in game are pretty much lackluster or very overpowered 7.) Many Items do the same thing, are special in nature, but have no lore or reason otherwise to exist 8.) Companion quests and dialogue are lame 9.) no 6th companion but given the abscense of difficulty, i can see why they removed 10.) Terrible and unoriginal SJW adaptations which fail to be authentic or worthwhile 11.) Immersion breaking ability ( able to go to ashfall before hasango and everyone gets stuck in either prior or post dialogues) 12.) Reputations are essentially useless 13.) Minor reputations are essentially useless 14.) End game is horrible 15.) Difficulty 16.) New characters were 50/50, priest very dumb, Huana hunter was ok, old characeters like who cares Pros 1.) Multiclass is pretty sweet 2.) High level abilityies 3.) Power Levels Im hoping obsidian throws its weight into the DLCs, if not, and if I'm to expect that *this* is where the game is headed in the future, I'll keep my money in my wallet and hope for a better game producer.
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