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  1. Last I heard the Novella was due in May of 2018. It was supposed to be written by Richard Knaak whom has written a ton in various fantasy IPs. Was looking forward to this as a backer. I'd assume this project is as good as forgotten?
  2. If you don't want to instruct your companions to do anything, you're going to need to play on Easy and forget about Trial of Iron.
  3. Hadn't seen one of your posts for a while there Marceror, game turned out pretty good didn't it?
  4. Pillars or this, Arcanum might be a flawed game but it's actual setting is excellent.
  5. But the complainers have already stated unequivocally that there are too many voice overs in this game already.
  6. I recall Wasteland 2 having some issues with peoples save games after updates. So far, PoE hasn't had those kinds of issues.
  7. Just north of the "Ramshackle House" in Ondra's Gift, there is another house that is able to be entered but does not have a map marker. As far as I've seen, all the houses in the game that are able to be entered have a map marker I make note of this because my backer NPC is in there. Thanks
  8. As a student and amateur game developer, you have no clue what it takes to ship a final product, simple as that.
  9. The OP graph is confusing, as far as I remember there was no bonus in BG1 or BG2. If something was an enemy was worth 1000xp if you were solo you received 1000xp, if you had a 4 person party, each member got 250xp and so on.
  10. I'm pretty sure that is what they were going for.
  11. Maybe he has something running in the background hogging system resources.
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