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  1. Have to agree with the OP on this, please let us rest as often as we wish in safe areas. works in other RPGs.
  2. I do not see a way of turning of Autosave, I would like to turn Autosave off ? The game is autosaving far to often for my taste. I assume it is autosaving so often because I am playing in a lesser game mode ?
  3. Yes, but patch over the existting installed game or a fresh install ?
  4. Do I need to trash my existing game and re install, then add all the patches and hotfixes available then start a new game after each patch & hotfix release ?
  5. Is there a Mac update 1.03 ? Did not get game on steam so have no idea.
  6. How I do not know how but I did that quite quick, there is a clue to what bell rings last but that is all I found.
  7. I am running the Mac version and every so often I get lockups on Auto Pause. I will be moving through an area when the Auto Pause kicks in as I approach enemies, from that moment on no matter what I do I cannot get out of Auto Pause. Has anyone else experienced this.
  8. Did it via Gravatar, can see my picture now.
  9. I have tried to attach a picture to my profile without success, the picture is 200px x 200px and is a jpeg file, I keep getting an error message Failed to set a new photo. Doing this via Browse function and choosing picture from my drive. Also tried this via a URL from Photobucket and get a Server could not be contacted error message. Any help would be good
  10. Just wondering why some maps have markers for important places exits but most do not ? I appreciate some people hate these markers but some people do, be good to see markers on all maps with an ON/OFF marker option maybe.
  11. I feel that once areas of a map have been disovered they should stay bright and not have to re brighten everytime you visit them, that's all.
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