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  1. Well, on the first page a fellow said to look at the nexus page for a mod. I didn't even know this game had mods yet but it does. The IE mod has a rest script that you can trigger by pressing ~ then typing "rest"... bang. And you know what, that's all I need. I said it in the last post, I will decide how I play this game. I'm not in the habit of letting other people tell me how to play a single player game. Many people have agreed with me that it is annoying. Whatever anyone else might feel, for those people like myself that don't like it... we do find it annoying. Period. End of s
  2. As to time sinks being real life annoyances, it is a game. And if you want that feature to annoy you then by all means leave it on. My point is that I want a button taht lets me turn it off for "ME". I am not telling you how to play the game. Please do me the small courtesy of not presuming to tell me how to play the game. I will outright use cheat codes on the second playthrough simply to nullify this issue if the devs don't provide the change or a modder doesn't provide a mod. I'm not especially interested in statements to the effect of "I think its better if you're bored and annoyed
  3. Why is it that each character can only place one trap when really most of them shouldn't be able to place any... and specialists should be able to place lots.... a million... literally. I don't get it. Look, if you want to make a trap cap of six at once that is sort of low but acceptable. What is annoying is to have to give each of my character a trap even the ones that are terrible at sneaking. And having each of them run out there one at a time to place their trap. It would make more sense if my sneak specialist just placed them all. Some of the restrictions I can sort of underst
  4. Well, the problem with that idea is that there are limited camping supplies in the game from what I can tell. Further, why do I have to go back to town to buy more camping supplies just because I'm going through endless and have rested 4 times? Part of the issue might be that you're not using wizards as much. I am. I like my wizards. And that means I burn out my spells and I have to rest or my guy is just useless. If I were running mostly fighters or something then yeah, they don't really have abilities that can only be used once per rest. So the rest mechanic would be less obnoxious.
  5. I just preferred the way they handled it in Icewind Dale or planescape torment. You could rest as many times as you wanted. You just needed to find a relatively safe place. The problem is that those camping supplies packages are not terribly common and that means wizards etc have to be really careful about what spells they use because you can't just rest whenever you run out of spells. I know some people like this feature. I'm not saying it should be off for everyone. Just let me turn off the camping supplies if I want to do that. The hardest difficulty in this game is not especially a
  6. I just got it on edgar during the endless paths quest. I think I was on level 7 or something like that. The one with the elementals all over the place. Is the icon just there or am I also suffering the status effect itself? Because if it is just the icon then that is merely annoying. If it is the actual status effect then that's a problem. I can't really tell. His job is mostly to just stand there eat the pain in any case. Anyway... just letting the devs know, this is an issue.
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