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  1. hall of heros is like an editor for companions with 0,0 soul and deep that cant be any argument pro the 9 companion thing! BG2 had many good charakters: Minsc,imoen,edwin,anomen,aerie,jan,korgan,yoshimo etc.
  2. you say that the charakters in BG 2 had a low quality? Im not sure if we played the same game The Characters in BG 2 were great, jan,Minks, the girl who lost her wings, because she lived in a cage, that story was so sad, it would break my hard to send her home ....
  3. Baldur Gate had 15 companions, and I hardly think that it compared much time needs a good Chrakter like Jan to create in Baldur Gate, plus a good story to quest and it's done! It's dead boring to define their own characters, and it destroys the whole atmosphere of the game. I want to end finish new characters. It's great when a magician who is very strong but has a nasty default setting appears. So I have to think about whether I prefer my combat this evil act and force the group strength or whether I'm true to my ideals but without the mage stay. Exactly such decisions make the game excitin
  4. i want more than 8 charakters to join my party!!! in BG there were more than 15!!!!
  5. Hi! im from germany sorry for my bad english Today i red an article about the eternity Game in the web and i was like: OMFG YEAHHH!!!! Im a big fan of BG 1,2 Icewinddale 1,2 this is the best news since a longe longe time!! BUT: In Baldursgate there are more than 16 charakters who can join my party. In the Article i red you guys plan only 8. The maximum Partysice is 6 ofcause so there are only 2 chars left. It was one of the best feelings in BG to choose the charakter, bad or god, thief or Paladin, i only wanted a female wizard in my group because i felt sorry for her....
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