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  1. It's spells per rest. You find as many grimoires as you defeat enemy Wizards (I think I have something like 5 extra ones right now), but they do not allow you to cast extra spells. In other words, a level 4 Wizard will always be able to cast exactly 4 level 1 spells no matter how many times you switch grimoires. Also, switching grimoires incurs a rather long cooldown during which you can't cast any spells at all. On the other hand, finding all of those grimoires does allow you to learn new spells from them (at the cost of 100 gold per spell level). Wow. The devs don't love wizards I guess. O
  2. Wait... Is it spells per level per rest, OR is it spells per grimoire per level per rest? In other words if you have 3 grimoires, is that effectively 12 spells per level per rest or just the option to choose 4 out of 12 spells before needing to take nap? Or put even simpler, is it the grimoires need to recharge during rest or is it the wizards themselves? Also, how many grimoires and spells does the average wizard get access to during most of the game?
  3. Thanks or the replies! I think I now know enough to realize that I would be as annoyed by the PoE Wizard as I was by the BG Wizard and the D&D Wizard. It definitely sounds like an improvement on a cassic PnP mechanic, but its still a low-magic mechanic that always seemed arbitrary, simplistic, and unfun to me. Personally, I think there are ways of limiting magic that don't involve mindless auto attack. Or arbitrary levels, or resting... ugh. Ingredient requirements (like arrows for archers) seems like a sensible way that would also be true to PnP. Also... spending gold for magic
  4. Was reading the wiki and saw that wizards function like baldur's gate: they can only cast a small number of spells before becoming useless redshirts. To become marginally useful again they have to rest 8 hours... This seems like an outdated and annoying mechanic. What do wizards do once they've cast their two spells at level one? Go home and take a nap? Put on pom-poms and cheerlead for the real members of the party? Please tell me I misunderstood the wiki so I can buy this game.
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