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  1. This could be true, if he ever did anything to actually hinder you. Yes, he almost kills you in the opening, but he didn't really "mean to". Later points in the plot he could easily just leave you in your situation and you would die, but instead he actively saves you. Not because he wants to kill you later, or have a haha I still win moment, but because he genuinely wanted to save your life. That isn't the behavior of an antagonist.
  2. After playing the game, recruiting them all, getting to know them, and learning their class situation.... Yeah I vote Rekke. He has strong class options with good synergy for multiclass. He is an interesting character because unlike every other new companion he has no stake in the faction game, and he is from a unique culture. From the one conversation you get with him he seems to be an easy going sort with a good personality. Like take Eder, make him a little more morally ambiguous, and toss out all the religion hang ups. I just feel he has the most potential. Runner ups? Ydwin,
  3. Non-linearity does not make the game bad. There's plenty of criticism to be made, but this is not one of them. You lost me at "most players". It's a crutch, and a flimsy one to boot. So? This is bad? Okay so point by point. 1: Like many on the internet you are missing the point. I am not saying the game is bad. I am not saying the factions suck. I am not saying the non linearity is bad. I AM saying you can ignore the factions entirely, and beat the game without ever interacting with them, except for one forced meeting after Magran's Teeth. I understand it sucks not being abl
  4. In which case, yes Xoti, you are kind of immature. Also has anyone actually gotten this line in the game? Just because it is in the files doesn't mean you can actually get it, and if it actually isn't in game it could be retconned/ignored on a whim.
  5. I personally did not find the characters to be any more, or less, bland. Eder is the same guy, just a little older, even more conflicted on his god, and consumed with looking back on mistakes he made earlier in his life. Maybe the animal thing is a little more pronounced, but this is clearly because they needed stuff for the reputation system. Aloth is again, the same guy. He seems a little less whiny/indecisive (most of the time), and he can definitely be a bigger **** than he used to be, but that's called character progression. You go on a five year quest to dismantle/take over s
  6. I don't want to shock you, but Xoti is 27. Yeah, I know. But that's what she says herself. As for Eder's personal quest, after hearing one of his banters with Pallegina about having children I don't really think it's about an old flame or Bearn's life and death. I think it's more about Eder desperately wishing for some sort of normal life and family and realising that time is ticking. Elafa and her son are just the people he happened to appoint his family substitute. Which is kind of sad, I suppose, but still not as sad and unhealthy as suddenly deciding that you have feelings for a woman
  7. No clue how you managed that man. There is literally more content in Deadfire, it isn't a debate. There is more dialog, more maps, more bounties, more factions with more quests per faction, more everything except meaningless trash fights and main quest. My first pillars run was about 45 hours and I did everything except re visit undead Raedric, which takes maybe 30 minutes. My first Deadfire run where I did everything? 80. Are you like reading every book in the game and skipping the books that are repeats from Eternity or something? Someone actually looked up the numbers and there are 30+
  8. You obviously know nothing about running a business of any kind. 14 million dollars effectively managed can go a VERY long way. Meanwhile, if Obsidian's only source of income while developing Deadfire was ..... Deadfire budget, well they would be out of business right now, or have a ton less than 170 employees. Meanwhile you all do realize Eternity 1 had less than 7 million budget right? How much do you think they paid critical role exactly? Do you really think a game QA makes over 6 figures in orange county?
  9. It is close, but it could use a little more combat. It is definitely in a better place than trash fight hell Eternity 1.
  10. No clue how you managed that man. There is literally more content in Deadfire, it isn't a debate. There is more dialog, more maps, more bounties, more factions with more quests per faction, more everything except meaningless trash fights and main quest. My first pillars run was about 45 hours and I did everything except re visit undead Raedric, which takes maybe 30 minutes. My first Deadfire run where I did everything? 80. Are you like reading every book in the game and skipping the books that are repeats from Eternity or something?
  11. This isn't really a question right? If you play Deadfire to anything resembling completion you will see it is much larger than the original Eternity base game. Is it larger than Eternity + White March 1 and 2? No. It probably will be once it get's it's expansions though. And now you know why polls and things on this forum don't work. Because your resident Eternity haters like Sonicmage get to take them to. Bear in mind guys, the dude posting this opinion has also not actually played Deadfire. He is omitting that fact here though. Are you sure you aren't from RPG Codex Sonic?
  12. No it is very different. Not because of the factions, but because the factions in this game have no agency on the main plot. The "world itself" part of the game is great. The faction war is great. The "mainline quest" part of the game, is not. It is fairly strong through Port Maje, but after that? You just go to place X, deal with Eothas fallout, go to place Y, deal with more Eothas fallout, go to place W and deal with Eothas fallout once last time. That is an extremely short main quest. All that aside there are a few key major weaknesses of the main questline. Problem one, wha
  13. That is probably because the game had more hype going in this time, and everyone and their brother is focusing on idiotic user reviews and internet BS than actually playing the game. Even this forum had tons of idiotic posts in the weeks leading up to the game talking about "I will wait 3 months to buy the game because of no real good reason". I am sure the "Obsidian makes bugged games" stuff is also doing nothing to make the bugs in this game highly exaggerated. I mean I still see people daily makes posts about the import bugs..... which were fixed in a patch that came mere days after
  14. Pretty sure you can get to do that one if you high perception as well regardless of class.
  15. No I think my post was fine, and that wasn't much sarcasm it was general confusion at how many people think Eder should care more about his "bro" than his god, or his possibly estranged former girlfriend, or this sort of fanatical chick who has weird views of aforementioned god etc etc. He isn't Minsc, he actually has a personality and motivations beyond "go for the eyes boo, go for the eyes". Bear in mind other often overlooked facts. Eder is one of, if not the, oldest people in the party by experience and "age". Aloth might technically be older by years, but by elf standards he is mid
  16. I will just address your reply with my personal opinion point by point. 1 - You are saying combat from the first game was some great renaissance of perfect RPG combat? Yes there are challenge issues with this game (mostly if you refuse to explore side islands early on), but the combat is not worse than Eternity 1. That will all be fixed in balancing that is probably coming sooner rather than later. I expect it in the next month. 2 - The world map is fine. Did you actually expect them to do an archipelago (which by definition is 70% water) in a old style map to map travel like baldu
  17. Lol that data is horrible. I get you want it to be somewhat realistic for the setting, but seriously, by being an Island Amaua you can get double, or triple the checks, off that alone than say an Aedyr human meadowfolk fighter with explorer background has for all that combined. Hell fighers don't even get a single class convo check UNLESS you are a blackjacket.... then you get 1. So much for all character choices being balanced this time. Meanwhile Perception is the new Resolve when it comes to conversations. At least it was a little closer this time.
  18. Really don't get why people don't like Eder in game 2, it is Eder, same dude, nothing really changed. The animal jokes are more heavy handed, and shocker, Eothas killing a crap load of people left him confused and upset. You all understand that when you believe in someone or something and then they betray that trust it makes you feel bad right? Did you expect him to not be effected at all, or just brush it off? It seems like the people who don't like Eder in Deadfire are also the people who are mad they can't romance him, and he isn't focused on the Watcher and not much else. I guess he n
  19. Why do people insist on posting concurrent player numbers like that means anything in a single player RPG? Multiplayer focused games will always have higher numbers, even if they only do average, simply because they are multiplayer games and you have to play when other people are playing. Take Divinity Original Sin 2, it is a multiplayer focused game. So not a shocker it crushes both Eternity's. Meanwhile, try comparing it to other games that came out around the same time it did, not games that have had near a year, or years, to get the best player numbers it can. I hate to bust realit
  20. See you just applied logic, something most people don't do these days. How dare you. @fluffle, the game is fine. User reviews have been, and always will be, 99% complete crap. You shouldn't even read them, much less consider their views. Also no, it is a much better game than Eternity 1, the main plot may be shakier, but every other aspect is better. Considering how short the main plot of the game is, I don't really consider that one thing being weaker when everything else is better a big problem.
  21. Again you guys do know this is the non spoiler forum, so you can't even talk about eothas motivations. All I will say is that I find it really odd people claim they don't know what they were, he tells you why he is doing what he is doing? It isn't a big mystery. If you can't relate to his motivations, okay, that's one thing. Saying you don't know his motivations though? No way, unless you paid zero attention. Also... You guys noticed you weren't the "protagonist" in Eternity 1 as well right? Eternity has been from day one a game where you play a character who was simply in the wro
  22. "Watcher, I find your lack of creativity... unsettling." - Aloth "The... Republic... wishes you would name it something more... fitting, Watcher." - Pallegina "Well ain't that name a hoot!" - Xoti "Island Name, Watcher? I think you nailed it." - Maia "Rest assured cap'n, I ain't seen nothin' so uncreative since me time aboard the Big Boat. And, let me tell ya about it..." - Serafen "Like the ebb and flow of the ocean... that name... crashes over me..." - Tekēhu You forgot one... "Well, not much of a name, but it's still better than Gilded Vale." - Eder
  23. I have mentioned this in other threads, but this isn't exactly a new thing. The much worshiped greatest villain of all time (some level of sarcasm is intended) Jon Irenicus is in no hurry to lay waste to his Elf City. In Eternity 1 Thaos is happy to sit down at that old Engwithan machine and think about turning it on while you go play in the snow, also doesn't your sanity have an expiration date? In Dragon Age Origins I hope you are ready to rally your men for the cause of defeating the Dark Spawn! I mean they just wiped out an army and sacked a town.... surely they will be wiping out a
  24. After recruiting them, yes. One of them has a real quest/interaction with you before recruitment, the other three are basically just.... "HEY WANNA COME ALONG LOL!" (okay technically two of them have real interactions pre recruitment now...) One of them does have some post recruiting dialog though, and interesting insights into some of your traveling buddies. So that redeems them at least. Personally (dwarf companion front please don't put a contract on me) I think Ydwin, Rekke, and Fessina seriously deserved to be real companions. All three of them are very interesting in one way
  25. Okay either fix the "least favorite" poll options to be their names, or get this moved to the spoiler forum. Either way I voted for Eder as favorite, because he still is, and Tekehu as least. Tekehu just didn't do anything personally for me, and the fact that he was the last companion I recruited probably didn't help either. Serafen was a solid runner up for favorite. All the companions this time were a lot stronger in general than Eternity 1 though. Worst thing this game did was give me a companion that was "meh", the first game gave me some I did not actually like. Apparently I am the
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