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  1. Opinions, everyone has one. I vastly prefer the ship combat, because it is ludicrously faster than "closing to board" and fighting it out, it also costs less money due to less repairs, and it gives my crew more exp making the next ship battle that much easier.
  2. No law against being completely, logically, and factually wrong. I agree though, auto correct is terrible.
  3. Understatement of the year. Also, no, his image was fan art, not an official portrait.
  4. Why? I'm honestly curious and would love to hear your opinion. In my view, BG1 is utter rubbish, because 1) Dialogue options are extremely limited and badly written (no humour, no spark, no consistency, very often no opportunity to say anything sensible). 2) There is far too much aimless wandering around huge maps with almost nothing on them. (There is none of this in BG2, and very little of it in any subsequent CRPGs -- clearly, game developers took notice of this blunder.) 3) The story is all over the place, and while it's not exactly illogical or incoherent, it is not well-written
  5. There are many good guides on how to win ship battles, even with just the starter ship, starter crews, and low end guns. That said, it is best to avoid ship combat early game until you can get better guns, and a decent ship. Then you can sail around looking for small ships to beat, leveling your crew, which then makes it much easier to beat the real ships. It is actually one of the most rewarding aspects of the game, if you learn how to play it. Everyone hates it at first, and that is because the game does a crap job of teaching you how it works, or how to play it.
  6. I don’t think Obsidian is punishig anybody, but I do believe the just letting your ship duke it out with the other is faster than boarding. Always has been once you get a decent ship, with good guns, and good cannoneer's/gunners. I sank the Deck of Many things yesterday just to see how hard it would be, took me roughly 2 minutes.
  7. Uh you could always just play the ship combat mini game and sink them? You realize all you lose by doing that is a little extra coin and such? All the major loot such as Kapana Tanga will always be there regardless. Also pay attention to the enemy ship in general, some captains and crew may also be higher level than yours too. Glad to see obsidian is finally punishing people in some way for completely ignoring the entire ship combat game.
  8. It's not the sameee. It isn't just not the same, there are endings where Pallegina would either uh.... have very little reason to want to be your friend moving forward.... or would not be available.... .... .....
  9. Essence Interrupter - A new Hunting Bow created by you, the community, that has been infused with animancer technology to provide interesting effects to attacks. You can find this for sale in Henric's shop in Port Maje. Right there in the patch notes on the forums. Haven't checked his inventory myself yet, but I will check it out later see if it is there for my game.
  10. This. Good god, this. There's a reason that Sword Coast Stratagems is a damn classic. "No pausing in our RTWP game," doesn't make the game harder so much as it demands you compile a bunch of AI scripts to play the game for you. Which I personally feel like that defeats the whole point.
  11. The fanboyism is right there in the thread title. Specifically, if he wanted a fair comparison that concluded he preferred BG2 he could have written a title like "Baldur's Gate 2 vs Deadfire: which games comes out on top?", or "Why I feel BG2 still holds up compared to Deadfire". But no he wrote Baldur's Gate II is GREATER THAN Deadfire.
  12. If he were any class other than spam summon chanter it wouldn't be very helpful.
  13. Personally I think they could easily do a prequel, there is literally thousands of years of "stuff" that happened between Engwithan collapse, and the Saint's War. Yes we know how it turned out sort of, but there are plenty of story options in between. Could be a game about the fall of Old Vailia, the rise of Aedyr, defeating a skaenite rebellion we just don't know happened cause it wasn't relevant to Eternity 1-2. If they do a prequel, it certainly should not be about the Saint's War. Anyway just for my own silliness, this is what I think would be possible for all existing companions si
  14. My bad, misread it, haven't had my coffee yet. The problem with people like that is two fold, like I said, I don't believe them when they say they want a harder game. If you wanted a harder game all you had to do was not make a twink fest party. Second, designing for the biggest twinky and making it really hard for that, makes it nearly impossible/impossible for everything else.
  15. Probably by design, most people picking challenge options don't also want things that make the game easier.
  16. There are many people around here who will only be satisfied when what you're describing here is a requirement to even attempt POTD. Pretty sure that is not a requirement to "even attempt" path of the damned.
  17. Never thought the day would come. Sonic hit the nail on the head. Why does Original Sin work as multiplayer? Because it was literally designed to be multiplayer from the ground up. I wonder how many people ever play it single player, cause you find it isn't nearly as fun a game that way. In fact, I have never gotten past chapter 2 in either Original Sin game in single player, because the lore/story/world/etc is just kinda boring. What keeps you playing is your buddies, not the game. Eternity on the other hand was designed from the ground up to be a great single player experience.
  18. Considering there are now modes that make it so you can't pause, can't recruit any team members, turn on iron man mode by default, etc, I would say it is probably pretty hard. Obviously if you are an idiot tweaker and you plan a team full of min maxed custom characters who can all summon mobs so every fight is 10+ v whatever, maybe it still won't be super hard. But then if you are doing that I have to question the validity of your "I want a hard game" statements.
  19. Lol 24 mechanics? Good luck. I think there are some pets that increase mechanics as well maybe? Truthfully without making a mechanics monkey character that puts the vast majority of their points there I don't see you making 24 through just buffs. Besides, by end game you have money coming out your rear. Just buy the stuff.
  20. yeah, you have to click on the "hidden" menu. Just mouse over the bottom of the menu ui until the creatures eyes turn red, then click it to expose the menu.
  21. Updated OP with new details on how many Blessings you can actually earn, and details on the new items on the blessings vendor.
  22. I don't know, I feel like I have explored a butt ton of agent ruins in Eternity 1/2 already. Also the thing about untamed wilderness.... It came make a great hack a slash combat centric game like Icewind Dale. It doesn't make for a great story setting though, what with it all being wilderness.
  23. Aedyr makes the most sense. We just had a game of untamed wilderness islands to explore full of exotic locales and death, why do we want another game themed on exploration of exotic locales and death right after it? Also Aedyr is the most powerful current country, has a lot happening politically, and it is very different in culture/atmosphere than any of the previous games locations. The only other option would be that place Rekke is from, of the Valian Republics which I feel like we had enough of for a bit in the last game also.
  24. No more so than any other MMO. People forget how reality works, the more people you cram into a small space the more likely conflict becomes.
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