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  1. M8, if u wait for someone, that is not that. I have frp-rpg friends. Played many crpg games together. Start with BG`s, Neverwinter`s, Orginal Sin... We knows each other. There is no any useless waiting`s on game. We like to know game lores, discover stories together... Like i said, i am not for pvp`s, arenas or something like that. Just PVE, with one living companion its enough for me.
  2. ooo Tnx m8 for information, But anyway, i would like to see content but also and co-op. I have no interest in pvp, just in pve. But ok.
  3. Any chance for co-op in future? I really would like to playing with friends new cRPG games. Larian works good on that field. All best
  4. Good job. All looks so beautiful! But now i wonder about animation? Clocks need to be animated like in ToEE, in other case, all characters will be static like in most cRPG...
  5. I like Half-Orc race. Since BG2 i play with them.
  6. That is Elders Scrolls system. If u follow BG, IW, ToEE, u`ll now it is 1-20 or 1-18... So what we want?
  7. Should coins in Expert mode weigh down your party? Yes, but we need banking then? Should coins of more than one metal be used in trade? 4, same like in Temple or Elemental Evil. Should there be different currencies issued by different nations/trade groups? Yes, `cos i don`t remember any game different currencies?
  8. What about offline lan co-op ? I would like to play this game with my wife...
  9. U cant compare Dragon Age Origins with Dragon Age 2. Those two games not have same genre.
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