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  1. This makes me truly happy and even more excited abouth this game.
  2. AD&D is my favorit class system and it woulde be great to have it in the game. Now when that is not happening I do not hope they make the class system to simpel.
  3. I do not see why we cant diskus the consept of Co-up even if the issue is closed ?
  4. Well a lot of heart attacks is going on in your world I guess. Even if there was some ishues with Co-up in older good singelplayer RPG's I still enjoied playing co-up. We had fun at Lan. If its been done before I guess it can be done again.
  5. It is like someone in her do not understand what I wanted in the first place. I am not talkin damn MMO... I was talking classic single player rpg with the co-op option like in Baldurs Gate and Newerwinter knights. Not Guild wars not WOW not what ever. I was not talking about changing the gameplay I love form the old Black Isle times..... just wanted to get the options to replace one mabe to companions with friends in later walkthroughs. The gameplay did not change in Baldurs Gate or Neverwinter Knights just a bit less companions.
  6. I was not talking multiplayer just a 2-4 man co-op option like baldurs gate and Newerwinter.
  7. I hope there will be a co-op options for me and my friends to play Eternity together ?.
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