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  1. Just for fun, I'd like to take a break from questing (and saving the world) and play an evil psychopath who kills everybody she meets (I'm thinking of roleplaying a demon or monster who hates humans). I'm just wondering what would happen if I did this. What happens if I murder my ship's crew and slaughter everybody in Port Maje? I've a strong suspicion that I'll never get off the starter island (especially if I kill all the quest givers). But I'm sick of 'helping' people with their quests. I just want to kill them and take all their stuff . Has anybody ever done this? What happens
  2. This is such a fantastic idea! If there's one thing that will extend the life of any game, it's mods. You guys are awesome for offering to do this for the community
  3. At long last! I've finally figured it out! I've got it working! It turns out I had to individually copy and paste every crew member's data from ShipCrewMemberData in ships.gamedatabundle. It was a pain to do, but it's working! I only have 5 crew members: Riggere, Chitupec, Eld Engrim, Beodul and Irrena So they're the only ones I've done so far. But it's marvelous! I can sail around all day and my crew don't consume any resources (nor does their morale decrease) so I never have to worry about getting supplies for my ship or running out of gold to pay them. If anybody wa
  4. Hey Kilay, thanks for replying. Yep, I tried switching OnceOnly to true, but it didn't seem to make any difference. But here's a thought, I'm using Peardox's 'Plain Sailing' mod that edits a lot of the Crew_Events in worldmap.gamedatabundle (though it doesn't change the Crew_Event_Wages entry). But both my mod and his are making changes to worldmap.gamedatabundle. Could the two mods be conflicting? Edit: Nope, that wasn't it, I tried adding my changes to Peardox's 'Plain Sailing' mod and it didn't make any difference. Something else is causing the event to run. Hmm I wonder if
  5. I just tried something else, I stripped all the script stuff out: { "$type": "Game.GameData.WorldMapEncounterGameData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "RE_Crew_Event_Wages", "ID": "16ba323e-962c-4087-8f6f-04dcddc0fb0d", "Components": [{ "$type": "Game.GameData.WorldMapEncounterComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "PopUpTitle": 98, "PopUpText": 136, "MapIconName": -1, "ScriptedInteraction": { "GuidString": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" }, "EncounterConversationStartID": -1, "PreEncounterScripts": {}, "ValidityConditions": {},
  6. This is a companion mod to my 'Avoid Ship Combat' mod. I'm trying to remove all ship micro-management, so you can just ignore the need for ship supplies. I've managed to stop the crew dying or becoming mutinous if the ship runs out of resources. But now I'm stuck, I want to stop the ship and crew consuming ANY resources. I especially want to stop paying the crew wages. So I thought I'd start with that one first. I've found the Crew_Event_Wages entry in worldmap.gamedatabundle and I was hoping I could just edit out the script (like Peardox did for his 'Plain Sailing' mod).
  7. I've downloaded quite a few mods from Nexus and I've noticed that some of them work and others don't. The only reason I can think of for this, is because the mods were made for different versions of the game. So some mods that were made a couple of months ago, no longer work with the newer version of the game. This is something that worries me and makes me afraid to update my game. It also makes me hesitant to publicly share my mods, cause what works in my game might be totally broken for somebody who has the latest DLC and updates. Is this going to be a problem for mod authors? Pe
  8. This is something I'm pretty sure could be done with a mod. You should post a request for it in the modding forum (the folks over there are really terrific ).
  9. Ha! It worked! I decided to bite the bullet, make the changes and see what happened. It seems to have done the trick. My boar companion didn't take any damage (even when a wizard tried to blow him up ). This is great!
  10. Heheh I like that idea. But I'm just trying to keep things simple for now If I can just stop him from taking any damage, then I'll be happy. Later on, I might try some experiments. But I'm just a bit worried that if I make my animal companion immune to attacks, then enemies won't attack him at all and will just ignore him (and come after me instead!) which would be bad, cause I want him to act as a tank/distraction.
  11. This sounds terrific! I'd love to play something like this. I'm really keen to see how you go about this. I've had no luck with the Chanter's summons, it seems there's just no way to summon her minions if she's not in combat. So I really hope you can get this to work (so I can study how you did it ).
  12. Quick question: I'd like to make my animal companion immortal (so that he never dies). I've found the entries for animal companions in characters.gamedatabundle and I noticed this line: "ImmuneToAttacks": "false", If I change it to "true" will that make my companion immortal? Cheers.
  13. I've just installed Shadowplay. It works! Thank you all for the help
  14. It's crazy isn't it? This is the first time I've run into this problem. But I do have an Nvidia card, so I'm looking into Shadowplay that Try2handing recommended. If it runs in the background then I should be good to go, cause the game freezes or crashes on me if I try to use the Windows key or Alt + Tab.
  15. Have I missed some? I've seen the wonderful panther and bird companion mods. Are there others I've missed? Especially monster companion mods?
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