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  1. Hey all, just wanted to thank the game's community for the patch you made a few months ago. It's very good and I'm grateful. Especially you, Boeroer! You've been very helpful in the past and you deserve great respect.
  2. After some digging I found it. Here is the save in question. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gyyb0t376pvrerm/Brienna (DeadfireArchipelago) (a98eec2f-90f5-41c9-8c6c-b302347553ac) (LAX-123ABCDEFGHI) (939486911).savegame?dl=0
  3. Hey all, I greatly approve of the work you're all doing the make this game as good as it can be. Obviously this sort of thing takes time and I don't expect accuracy at this point in time, but do you have any estimations on when the major patches to fix the game's issues might all be released? I'd just like a vague time-frame of when I should come back to play the game, again.
  4. Haha, I know what you mean. But for some reason it really irks me. When I found it I spent a solid hour grinding it to get as much money as possible and then stopped and thought "What am I doing?". That was like, a week ago, and I haven't touched the game since. I can provide a save file of where I was grinding intimidate for you, if it helps. Ideally I'd like for intimidate to only work once per ship, but as I know you lack sufficient data to do that kind of thing, personally I'd just like intimidate to not work at all. At least until a patch can be made that is ideal. I can't seem to
  5. That's the best hope I've had yet so I'll take it. Please do what you can.
  6. Ladies, please. You're both pretty! Also, thanks both of you. Now if only someone with the knowledge to implement it would read this post.
  7. Which is why I want the exploit removed, thus removing the temptation. That way I can experience what you describe. In my mind it would be foolish to get money any other way so long as this exploit remains. You are clearly just better at controlling yourself.
  8. Well, obviously not doing it is the best and easiest option. But is it not in our nature to exploit the systems of a game to our benefit? Min-maxing characters and all that. I know it drains from the fun but the fact that it's there means I'll always see it as a solution I can lean on whenever I'm low on money. I'm a weak man. xD
  9. So I've encountered a bit of an exploit. I can intimidate ships for money and food+water infinitely. They attack you on sight after you reach a low enough reputation with that faction preventing you from intimidating them, but not if you are flying that factions flag. After I intimidate them they teleport a short distance away and I can intimidate them again... and again... and again. This feels like cheating. I've thought of solutions and I came up with: 1) Making intimidated ships only able to be intimidated once. 2) Removing intimidate as an option, perhaps by bringing back the ol
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