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  1. Wait, didn't you want to defend the story? Breath of the Wild tells it's story through the gameworld itself, and the very few cutscenes/memories you discover as you play the game. It is bare bones, but it is done in a very nice way and every time you see a new scene it has an actual point and merit to it. It teaches you something about the world, the characters in it, or even yourself (Link). It is just a different kind of story telling, and considering I haven't seen a single reviewer knock the games story, or even give Breath of the Wild a bad review... they did something right. In
  2. You guys understand the only difference between the Watcher and every other schmuck is the Watcher can see souls. Beyond that there is nothing special or unique about the character. Technically in this game you can "shepherd souls" but you aren't ever really required to, and you get all the chances in the world at the Adra pillars which contain thousands of souls. By comparison Xoti picks up like 10-20? Whoopie. I agree Xoti's concept is too similar to what you are supposedly doing yourself in this game, but it hardly takes away from your character, or makes the Watcher feel like he is
  3. All you have to do is take the existing portraits and resize/scale as needed and overwrite the existing water colors. It is just really time consuming and piddly. Personally I like the in game water color versions quite a bit, they look like legit water colors and fit the game theme very well. To the point I almost wish they had done water color style for all of it, after all you see them considerably more often than the normal portraits.
  4. Well they are all considered character abilities so they shouldn't be effected. I would bug report it if you lost them.
  5. Eh. In real life maybe, but in a game it can get to *really* distracting levels. I don't find that to be true about PoE 2, but I *did* find it to be true of Witcher 3. Never played Witcher 1 did you ? Truthfully Witcher 1 turning having sex with characters into a card collecting game was a tad bit tasteless. Witcher 3 was not nearly as bad. As far as POE 2 goes I don't see it? A few companion romance triggers did happen for no apparent reason, but it was easy to shut them down right then right there if you wanted to. Outside of your companions (and maybe a few hookers?), I don't r
  6. I recall the same thing. Not to mention the Rauataians have two millenia of expertise weathering storms, so I imagine they simply rebuilt the huts in a way they know is better at weathering storms. You are both correct, that is exactly what they did. And they did it by completely disregarding what the indigenous population wanted, and completely ignoring their culture. Because Rauatai knows better.
  7. Note that Rauatai clears out the slavers after they've established their dominance over the deadfire. If you want to check the slides out for yourself, i linked them in an earlier post on page 9. You understand that they still want the fort right? They have not "established their dominance over the deadfire" until all their enemies are dead. In the mind of Ruatai, once they choose to conquer a place anyone who is not Ruatai is the enemy. They either have to be subjugated and converted, or killed. It is nice they free the slaves to be subjugated to Ruatai rule, but don't pretend that is t
  8. Uh I am only going to post 4 people as my fifth slot was Serafen for half the game and Pallegina for the back half. Neither of them had enough time in the party to really post fair numbers compared to my MC, Xoti, Aloth, and Eder. For the record my party was Watcher as a Soul Blade Cipher/Devoted Fighter - Great Sword, Eder as a Swashbuckler (Fighter/Rogue), Aloth as a single class Wizard, and Xoti as a single class Priest. I am a little curious how many months there are in a single year now though? 15?
  9. Again, can't actually discuss Eothas motivations or what I think of him in this topic as it is sitting in the spoiler free section. So you can apply whatever word you want to him, the game starts with him literally killing everyone you are close to (other than a statue, Vela (if you have her), and some old companions), destroying your home, and stealing part of your soul. The player has lots of good reasons to see him as an enemy, especially at the beginning of the game.
  10. Did you actually read the words I wrote? It really doesn't sound like you did, I was simply saying I can see why the OP drew the conclusions he did. I even said I don't think the game is men hating propaganda in the first sentence. Again, you are talking to a guy who has a forum topic in the spoiler forum describing why he thinks all the factions leaders are scum. Meanwhile, why does no one respect the fact that this is a spoiler free section?
  11. I don't think the game is pro feminism man hating propaganda, but I would be lying if I say I didn't notice a lot of the things the OP is mentioning. Who is the villain? Eothas technically.... one of the depicted as male gods. Which gods get the most screen time by far? The female aspect of Berath (only see the male version in opening), Hylea, Magran, Ondra, and Woedica. All female. Wael is up there too, and seems to have a male voice, but.... yeah. Abyddon felt oddly absent and seemed to have no care of White March events, Galawain was practically missing, Skaen had little presence
  12. I guess you should have, but if people really don't want spoilers regarding where to find bows, the title hints that they'll get them if they read it. *shrug* The title is fairly generic the question could literally be answered with a one word "Yes."
  13. Uh this isn't totally true. Like I mentioned before, as hilarious as it is, crazy murdering pirate Aeldys makes it clear she does not actually want to rule the Deadfire and doesn't care about the politics or factions of the region. She just wants to live free, and if you side with her even talks about how they will try to find a way to stop Eothas. Which is the whole point of the thread. From a morality perspective the least likely candidate is the strongest morally at the critical moment. Though there is a lot to be said for the F it, I am going alone mentality too.
  14. Honestly I don't think I found more than a handful of Vithrak in the game that killing wouldn't be a no no law wise. That said Dr is right, there are some shops that sell Vithrak Brains and they do restock over time.
  15. There is tons of good bows in the game, just play the game, keep your eyes open. Also guys, this is the spoiler free forum, please stop posting where to find weapons in it.
  16. Some people in Europe have gotten BASIC physical stuff, like boxed versions. No one to my knowledge has gotten mouse pads, statues, maps, or the other premium stuff.
  17. So after beating the game I still feel Aeldys is a morally mostly sound choice. She does not want to run the deadfire (+1 moral high ground), she does not take Ukaizo for herself, maybe she loots it, but she seals it up and leaves after preventing anyone from abusing it (+1 more moral high ground), she does not try to oust the Principi old guard and let's each pirate basically be their own pirate (within standing Principi rules) (+1 more moral high ground). She may be somewhat crazy, and violent, but she is not actually amoral. Why does she hate Furrante? Because he is a dirty scheming bac
  18. Honestly I don't think he isn't interested in Xoti because of her beliefs, more because she reminds him of himself. Also, she is really young. He fought in the Saint's War, she was literally just a kid like 5-6 years old at that time. In fact, other than Aloth (and maybe the watcher), everyone in the party is notably younger than Eder. So I can understand the implicit idea being that he is along to help his friend (The Watcher) and wants answers from Eothas, but is older and wiser caring nothing for the other aspects of life. Bear in mind, in the very quest you talk about he makes it cle
  19. So tonight I finally talked to the Faction leaders to figure out what they wanted me to do. I knew they would want me to do something against the other factions, but I wasn't sure what just yet. Maybe the Huana will want me to steal some documents from the VTC to prove they are doing illegal activity? Maybe the VTC will want me to do some sort of espionage to make it look like Ruatai is planning a hostile take over on the Huana and turn them on each other? Maybe Ruatai wants me to do the same only to the VTC? Nope. Two of them want me to blow up a freaking powder store, which will kil
  20. everyone in the Deadfire is kind of a piece of crap. Aeldys is at least against slavery. Yeah I was about to make a subject about this, and probably will anyway, cause I finally got around to the ending faction choices. When Aeldys, the "do what I want, when I want" bloodthirsty pirate, is the moral high ground candidate out of all the end game leader choices something has gone seriously wrong.
  21. The voyager sucks, it is literally the worst ship in the game, give her that if you want to make a deal.
  22. I more just find it hilarious. Also if you get knocked out and don't have an instant rez buff your character is dead with this pet off. So it doesn't matter if you can cast an in combat rez spell or not.
  23. I have to hand it to Obsidian, I don't know if Grog was a backer made pet, or Obsidian designed, it is hilarious either way. We can all roll around with our own pet Grognard who makes all engagement rules go away. What I find interesting is all the hard moders complaining about nothing in game to make the game harder other than the too easy PotD. Get this little guy on your team and enjoy his "party wide effect". Cause not only does he make everyone (including enemies) ignore all engagement, he also causes your characters to die if they go unconscious. Just make starting the game with him
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