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  1. Damn, I nearly forgot about that. There were so many occasions where I was faced with a stat check, half the characters would pass it and half would not...and nothing. I get past the scripted event, not even an injury to my name... So what you're saying is, half of my party failed to climb the rope across the chasm due to their lacking athletics...but we all made it to the other side? My athletic characters managed to swim through the flooded tunnel to the other end while the rest didn't make it...but we're all here in the cave. I...o-ok. I'm with ya on that. That is absolutely not what I sa
  2. To answer the underlying question. Resting is still in as a buff mechanic. You can eat some food on rest to get some good buffs, the end. Injuries are still in because you need some mechanic to determine permanent death, and they don't want to do "knocked out = perma death". I think the systems flaw is two fold. It is too easy to get injuries from stupid stuff like scripted encounters and traps, and injuries are too easy to heal off. To get rid of an injury they should actually implement like a "medic" system where you actually have to go to an NPC in a town to get treated or something a
  3. I was initially going to read your post then did a double take. Can you please edit out the massive spoilers on where to easily acquire some of the best weapons from your post please? It sure would be appreciated here on the non spoiler forum.
  4. Except none of that is true. I am beginning to think removing difficulty indicators from everything is the one bug they need to turn into a feature. Does everyone decide "best class" based on how they play at level 20 with the best gear in the game? That isn't how it works. Barbs are op as heck.... with great gear, past level 15, but you don't spend the majority of the game with great gear over level 15 do you? If you are not finding fights that are difficult, or require healing/buffs, you are simply put either not looking, avoiding any fight with more than 1 skull, or staying in Ne
  5. Don't put too much thought into it. There is a crewmate you can hire in game whose portrait is a vithrak but his race is aumaua.
  6. Could be, color is subjective . Point is "big colored star surrounded by other smaller colored stars" is max rank. Though what that actually gets you is debatable. According to the tutorial (which I don't remember ever seeing) some have said it is just initiative deciding who goes first. If so, the last two ranks are pointless cause I have only seen more than a master captain once.
  7. Priests are very strong, people confuse dps or something with good class. They are the best buffers and healers in the game, period. Yes their high level spell selection is a little more limited than it should be, but what is there is still useful. Like I said before, there are no weak classes in this game. They are all perfectly valid and usable, it just opinions. I said I don't feel super impressed by barb, yet at least a third of my game has been me running around with Serafen in my party as a straight class barb.
  8. Yeah that would be bugged, they were the one ship that took me three salvos to drop, and they definitely got to fire back. At this point I am curious about backer content in general. Some of it is obvious, for example the backer NPC's (who are done way better this time and serve a point), and the backer pirate ships are obvious (they are the ones with unique flags), but the rest are somewhat iffy. I am pretty sure the Kraken for example is a backer tavern, but is the Hole? Is the Wild Mare? Hard to tell.
  9. Remember, polls are based on opinions. Opinions are not always informed. I get a chuckle when I look at this poll because in all honesty, none of the classes suck. They are all completely valid and work fine. I picked monk purely cause I don't like the class concept, but I have played the game and will tell you, I would take a monk or fighter (probably rogue too, better interrupters and caster assassins) over a barb any day of the week. Yet barb is apparently really awesome according to this poll.
  10. I get that winning with a lesser ship is more rewarding, I sank over 1/3rd of the named ships with the Sloop. But if I can win on turn 9-12 (where 7 of those turns is two holds, 1 jibe, and two round of firing), I would much rather do that than win in 20+. I think my shortest win in the Sloop was against a Voyager and it still took 15-16 turns, and three of them were not auto turns from a jibe. Slow movement on the Junk? It is actually just slightly slower than the Dhow, with good upgrades you won't even be able to tell the difference. The 3 turn jibe doesn't matter, because you win on
  11. Wait I want to make sure I understand. An American accent is immersion breaking, but a Latin, Italian, or English accent are perfectly fine? Okayyyyyyy...... You can't have it both ways. If one real world accent is immersion breaking, so are the rest of them. Don't confuse their accent with just average or poor VO.
  12. There is an achievement for buying all the ships though. Consider I own the most expensive ship, fully loaded with the most expensive guns, and the most expensive upgrades.... and I still have over 90k copper... you can afford to waste a little
  13. That is not true, you do NOT get more loot from boarding. You get less. There is no advantage to boarding other than skipping ship combat mechanics if you just can't stand them. https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/8hqmww/any_reason_to_destroy_ships_at_all_when_you_can/ Thanks for that random reddit thread, my in game experience doesn't agree. If there is reduced loot it is obscenely minimal. The Crew exp on the other hand is much much higher if you sink. Like twice the exp. Also once you have a real ship with a real crew, it is actually faster to sink.
  14. Nope. The only issue I have with Obsidian's "beta's" they have done in Eternity 1 and 2 is that they release them too soon, and don't update them often enough. They should only exist so people can test the systems, and give gameplay feedback. This is hard though when they are normally released so early the combat at first is almost always overtuned to crazy levels. Then as we get closer to release fewer and fewer updates happen, then next thing you know certain mechanical aspects of the game are wildly different than they were in the beta. Why? Because the beta is like 7 versions old. I
  15. That is not true, you do NOT get more loot from boarding. You get less. There is no advantage to boarding other than skipping ship combat mechanics if you just can't stand them.
  16. Lol are you sure? I took single salvo's from the BiB ship that could sink a voyager even with +15 hp hulls. Also they don't have any legendary loot , superb maybe.
  17. You may have forgotten to click save after you turned them off. You have to do this every time, per character. If you add like 3 people, change one, change another, change the third, then click save, only the third persons changes actually applied. Clearly ran into this one myself :/
  18. Good luck. There is at least one ship I have encountered in game that can easily land hits outside it's optimum range, and can do very high damage per salvo. You will be unlikely to beat it with a sloop, I don't care how good your crew is or what upgrades you have. You can ram it, but it's crew is also level 15, so I hope you are pretty darn far in the game. Yes the sloop played right, with a good crew, good upgrades, and good guns, can beat "most" ship encounters. That said, you will take a long time per fight doing it that way, assuming you even win every time, you might not because
  19. That's the thing, most people who never do proper ship combat won't realize it but, there is an incentive. You get better crew EXP, and better loot if you win the ship battle the "traditional" way, and do not win via boarding. I have done multiple boarding wins, the rewards always suck, even if the enemy initiates it. Meanwhile I always get a full page, sometimes almost two pages, of loot when I win by sinking them. Like I mentioned earlier, once you actually invest in the best guns, and best ship, and best upgrades, and get expert or better cannoneers ship combat is also stupidly fa
  20. I suspect PotD right now is basically the normal difficulty. Or maybe it is the same but there are a couple extra mobs or something. Either way people should just wait for them to patch it, they have already said they will be doing so. Also can we take a moment to admit Eternity 1 was not a shining beacon of good challenge either? The start of the game was front loaded with encounters that were if anything, a little too challenging considering your limited access to things, and by end game everything was still fairly easy.
  21. This one should probably be in a spoiler forum considering some of the responses.... Honestly I like Kaz, he makes such a cute Shiba Inu, and all his art efforts deserve to be rewarded by a place at the watchers side.
  22. Won't be a need, Jason Seow has posted to his own blog that he will be officially making water color versions of all these portraits himself.
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