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  1. Liked it a lot, wish I could've sailed and fought pirates forever. Looking forward to a DLC or waiting for a POE3.
  2. Played through first time with no crashes (perfect), second time it crashes whenever I try to reach the Gullet.
  3. I'm supposed rescue someone in Pahownae, next to Nekataka. I work my way around here a voice that says "over here" unlock the cage yet no one is there. Bug?
  4. After you buy another ship, is there a way to send out your other ship with an experienced crew to make money or salvage stuff?
  5. Exactly why Cad Nua should have been a random quest generator post game.
  6. Any chance in the futrue we won't be thrown back to face Thaos? I would'nt mind some more random encounters or collecting bounties and or fetch quests. As long as there's not an xp issue with future expansions.
  7. I just finished pillars and was wondering if there i any post gameplay ( go back to an area etc.) once you've finished either of the White March dlc's.
  8. Any info on a demo release? I'd play this before the last Dragon Age dlc.
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