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  1. That's actually pretty easy - those are the bodies of gods. It is said in one of those conversations with them that gods used to have physical form. And you also see a body of one in White March. I thought that was it. Just thought it was interesting that all their bodies were arranged around The Wheel. Where they like that from the beginning, or had they returned there after deciding to give them up? What about the unknown god-corpses, could one of the gods cause some mischief with that?
  2. Well, we know that there was *something* before the gods. The whole point of The Wheel is that it brings souls from across the planet to Ukaizo for processing, hence the presence of luminous adra only in the Deadfire region; it's full of soul energy. We know that adra is natural and it has some intrinsic relationship to soul energy, despite whatever meddling kith get up to. Remember the piece of living adra you stand on to talk to Eothas? It's grown over thousands of years towards the centre of The Wheel. It's likely that when the Engwithans that became the gods ascended, they ceased t
  3. Sure, trying again. I'm using 7zip, but that shouldn't be an issue right? Here's a WeTransfer link, just in case: https://we.tl/4DjqhSwVAj
  4. Encountered my first crash today leaving Queen's Berth via the east exit to The Gullet for the first time. I repeated this in case it was a one-off, unfortunately it wasn't. I circumvented this by going to the district to the north via the northern exit and then back out again to The Gullet. I've just had another crash attempting to descend in the cage in The Gullet after the storybook section. Files attached below in zip file.
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