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  1. Depends on your flag. If you use the Obsidian Order flag be aware this means you are flagged as belonging to the Huana faction, so slavers and principi will be on you like white on rice. Same is basically true with the Watcher Flag, at least until you build up your reputations.
  2. She is a hilariously cool designed character who serves no purpose at all! Okay that isn't true. She is a potential important NPC during one major side quest, think something equivalent to like Raedric's Hold. But yeah, she has an incredibly well designed portrait for a character that is this minor.
  3. Yeah, Legendary is also not the last rank. Well maybe it is for normal crew, but there is one rank past that for captains, I know because I am that rank. It is odd that the achievement also calls it "master captain" but technically master is rank 4 not 6.
  4. I don't know specifically what it does, as the crew ranks have no tool tips or real explanation in game. Someone would have to dive into actual game files to find out. That said, I believe it just gives a bonus to all crew actions. Just so you know, this is a pretty lack luster bonus. Expert is only the third rank, novice being the first, and seasoned being the second. It is not very hard at all to reach this rank in game through normal means. To give you an idea, I am a Master Captain (the highest rank) and I have sunk maybe... 10-13 ships, and explored less than half the map.
  5. Lol funny, the one upgrade I thought was straight forward enough to not personally test in game was not clear either.
  6. Okay, so I see lots of posts about Berath's Blessings, lots of questions, some with good info, most with nothing. I decided to actually look into it and put together a full comprehensive list of what Berath's Blessings is, how it works, and what the options are as a result. That way all the info is in one thread, not 52 random scattered ones. First up, what is Berath's Blessings? Berath's Blessings are points that are awarded to you for getting achievements in the game. For example creating a custom adventurer will give you 1 Berath's Blessing. Berath's Blessings can be used to buy
  7. This ^ Blessings of Berath is 100% optional, you could have 100 points and still elect not to use any of them. You are not forced to pick perks when you make a new game. Also people act like they are huge? Starting at level 4? Getting some bonus stats? Getting to start the game with fine equipment? Hardly god mode.
  8. There is already a beta patch you can opt in on which fixes that. You will have to start a new game though.
  9. Cannon can be fired regardless of their optimum range, they are just far more likely to miss. It gets nasty with the real high end ships though, I ran into one where they had 350 meter range guns, and still hit me at 550 meters 50% of the time. All because the gunners were all expert except for one.
  10. The ship combat sucks, until you learn how it actually works, get a good crew, and master it. Like I said in another post, I have sunk galleons with the starter ship, and did it fairly quickly, (maybe 8 minutes). There is no real tutorial for it, which is a problem. But the key things are this - Level your crew, your crew is actually the most important aspect of winning ship battles. High rank crew members in their positions will simply be better at everything. Shoot more accurately, reload faster, more likely to catch the wind, increase your odds to not suffer side effects like flooding
  11. Just a protip to everyone playing, boarding is absolutely NOT the way to go. Your ship gets screwed up every time, even if you do it the hard way, you can get crew injuries easily, you actually get less loot, and your sailors gain less exp. The benefits are much higher to playing the ship battles out traditionally. Once you get good cannons and learn how to really do the battles it isn't that time consuming or hard. I have sunk a galleon with the starter ship for example. It is all about getting good guns (either close range or long), leveling up your crews skills, then staying with
  12. And I feel kind of stupid for reading your post. If you have found nothing to fight, and you are 10 hours in, HOLY CRAP are you trying hard to not find any combat. Why don't you try I don't know, leaving Neketaka or doing something that is not crit path for an hour? Also again for all those who lack reading ability, or the power to do even basic research. POTD has been confirmed, days before release even, as being easier than intended and will likely get patched very soon.
  13. Fluffle, there is a reason you should ignore user reviews for all games that aren't indie. As much as I may bash games "journalists" they at least have to maintain some level of writing quality, bias control, and go through some form of editorial process. They at least have some standard they have to meet. User reviews? They can write any tripe they want, have to meet no standard, and can be talking out their rears and it is all good. Why is indie an exception? Simply because most real indie games don't get anything but user reviews, so you have no choice.
  14. Yeah he offers you 4 cannons, at 1000 for 4 it is below market price. That said, this isn't the bug forum
  15. You can respec at any tavern. It is the rolling dice icon, called "retrain" in game. To add on to the Grimoire thing, basically each Grimoire has two spells in it per level. Your character can also learn various spells. So ideally what you do is choose a Grimoire that has different spells than the ones you choose to learn for that level. This way you maximize the number of spells you can access per spell level. It is also handy to keep multiple Grimoires around in case you find battles you need to approach differently, because with multiple Grimoires you can change a chunk of your spe
  16. Nah it doesn't work right, last night I watched some early game streams and companion quests had skulls on them. In my game (scaling on, up only), the companion quests have no skulls even though I am only around level 5 and the streamers I saw were level 3, and had 3 skulls. Also I have run into fights clearly beyond my abilities (like three eotens at one time, who could one shot Aloth on a non crit and 2-3 hit Eder) and the area had no skulls associated with it.
  17. All they said is they are "working on a solution". I imagine what will eventually happen is they will just wait a month or so (maybe less) then make those items a free dlc.
  18. Jesus people. The narration in this game is just like it was in Baldur's Gate/Eternity 1. It is only during key critical path scenes, the vast majority of the game (assuming you aren't doing a speed run) you will not hear the narrator. Yes I wish they had not directed her to narrate stuff like "Eothas rubs his chin thoughtfully", but it is not that big a deal. Also I would have preferred if the narrator had remained consistent with the same guy from Eternity 1. The narration is also in a slow heavy sort of monotone, which is the exact same way it works in every game where Obsidian has use
  19. So turns out my starting party is Cipher/Fighter (my watcher) Fighter/Rogue (Eder) Wizard (Aloth) Priest (Xoti) Barbarian (Sarafen) Why? Because these were the first companions I found.
  20. I am suspecting she isn't in my import either, because I am now at the "head to neketaka" stage and haven't seen her. This bug seriously blows.
  21. So basically he admits he fanboi'd on the first game and gave it a score it didn't deserve. Well at least he is honest.
  22. SPOILER ALERT! Sonic (while not a horrible bad person) has been guilty of posting more pre release negative stuff than every other forum user combined, and loves clickbaity titles. It has been clear for a long time for some reason he is predisposed to not liking Deadfire. So him scouring the internet to find the one guy who didn't like the game is not exactly shocking, nor is his making it a single post instead of adding it to the reviews thread where it would be surrounded by tons of positive. My point? Take this review, and the thread, with a huge grain of salt. Also just having read t
  23. So almost all the Deadfire extras are available now through the backer portal, including a huge download of the deadfire archipelago known map. Funny story it is in PNG format, but for work reasons, I own real adobe acrobat muahahahaha. So export to PNG and some editing later... I turned it into what I think is a pretty awesome desktop BG. Feel free to use it if you want, I do have a 4k monitor so it is in that format, but you can scale it as needed. No spoiler here, as this is intentionally not the full map.
  24. I hope not because Obsidian has said those achievements will not be in game at launch.
  25. You can play Deadfire without the first game and it will work fine. There may be some plot elements or events that won't make as much sense without experiencing the first game, but that is about it.
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