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  1. Wouldn't recommend focusing on one. It'll be a pain if you switch to a different companion(unless custom made). You'll need to be sure that companion has the same skills as the one you switched it out for. The only benefit for focusing would be that you can pass certain companion-individual-skillcheck. Otherwise It doesn't matter if you put 4 points in 1 companion, or 2 points each on 2 companions. Mechanics is an exception though, unless you don't care about locked chests. One companion should focus completely on that(till I think 13).
  2. Incel is just a new word for virgin. Like thot is a new word for s**t. That's all it means - it's a way of shaming men who haven't had sex, or aren't "studs". Every male who has ever existed has seen this in high school - the sex bragging etc. It's in its way a very teenage word. It's just the rebirth of a very old idea. I'm not sure its accurate to ascribe political ideology to a word that just means you can't get laid. I'd personally be suspicious of any doomsdaying threat narrative article that does so, especially if peoples way of doing so is taking the ideas of some subreddit as an em
  3. I didn't mind that there were only 2 options. Would've preferred a peaceful option too but the Druids couldn't be reasoned with. Think roleplay-wise you just arrived at a point of no-return.
  4. The bounties exist, regardless of the quests you accepted. So you could explore the whole Deadfire, collect all the heads and then deliver them in one go if you so wish. Don't think it's a bug.
  5. Bought 3x sugar from the innskeeper in The King's Coffin in Dunnage.
  6. I think Eder's quest where you need to find the ship. Not sure though.
  7. It's on the right side of Magran's Teeth. Annoying quest though. I searched the area between Neketa and Magran's Teeth several times(since they said they just left an hour ago, so I thought I'd see them sailing), but ofcourse no. There goes 'I'll find them immediatly'.
  8. I've heard there's a bug with the save import. I saved Vela, but she's not here in my playthrough. Could be that.
  9. Just a protip to everyone playing, boarding is absolutely NOT the way to go. Your ship gets screwed up every time, even if you do it the hard way, you can get crew injuries easily, you actually get less loot, and your sailors gain less exp. The benefits are much higher to playing the ship battles out traditionally. Once you get good cannons and learn how to really do the battles it isn't that time consuming or hard. I have sunk a galleon with the starter ship for example. It is all about getting good guns (either close range or long), leveling up your crews skills, then staying with
  10. With the same reasoning I actually came to my conclusion. The junk is bigger so would be easier to hit. The others are smaller so less chance of hitting. But it seems it'd be unnecessary if the Hit-Chance would actually mean your chances of hitting. If you performered a maneauver or the enemy did one your chance of hitting gets lower (had around 20%). If you Stop before you shoot you can increase your chances to 100%. So the Hit-Chance of your chance to hit wouldn't be that useful information. Could be wrong though.
  11. 10 Cannons on each side. *drool* Woops, to clarify, 10 guns total. But only on the sides . ( Voyager has 2 front guns, and 1 back, thats why I put in sides).
  12. Was bit annoyed that the ship vendor would only give you limited info on the ships(and I haven't found any other info online). So I made this for ease. Boarding's still the way to go but I do like the naval battles. These are base statistics without any upgrades or crew. I assume Hit-Chance would mean how difficult a target you are towards enemies. Majority of the people are saying Hit-Chance would mean the chance that you'll hit the enemy though. *Navigator increases Travel Speed with 5 per level. *Fully assigned Deck increases Travel Speed with 16 if a Navigator is also pre
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