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  1. whenever i put anyone that has their default position(e.g. tekehu or mirke) in my party at the back to the front(vanguard) will revert back to it whenever i go to any loading screen
  2. is this fixed or still an ongoing bug? i keep pressing the option to siphon and this "The enchantment slips through your fingers in spite of its advanced age and depleted state." do i not have enough metaphysics or is still a bug?
  3. So ive been playing for a while and have rerolled my main a lot = a lot of new games. I have been using my poe1 save for all the new games i did but the recent one i had this vela kid showed up;im guessing this kid is the baby i took from elms side quest. So what's with the inconsistency?am i suppose to have this vela kid all this while? On a side note: i got eder sacrificed in blood pool in poe1 do i need to have him recruited(even though he's dead in my save) for the achievement of all companion recruited?
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