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  1. I guess half the decisions you make in the game depend on how you can justify them and you guys have mentioned some good justifications. @giftmefood: my criticism is that there are only 2 options, not that there are gray areas. As I said previously, I like difficult decisions. This decision was the first time in the game I was genuinely upset about quest design.
  2. This quest really irks me. I thought it was common practice to give a good ending option in most quests; this one doesn't seem to. I have a choice between slaughtering the druids defending their island from ones who would destroy nature to reach their ambitions or between slaughtering all of the Royal Deadfire Company - a faction that has given me a companion and that probably has lots more quests ahead. I don't have an issue with choosing between factions but giving me no option but to kill one or the other... meh. This quest sucks. I've decided to skip the quest but that really irk
  3. Check this post out, should be what you are looking for. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98843-level-scaling-difficulty-compilation-thread/?p=2019613
  4. This does nothing for me. Can anyone else reproduce this? You have to confirm the new difficulty setting after switching to story/relaxed and then do it again once you revert to veteran. Also make sure that the 'difficulty indicator' is toggled on. It worked! Thanks, unintended bug ends up saving me a lot of headache.
  5. I would also like to know if there's a way to do this. I'd rather not have to restart my playthrough considering I'm 16 hours in but I really wanted the feature.
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