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  1. That moment when you're actually playing FTL then stumble unto this post ^^
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1412913589 This is the build i used for my POTD run, and the rest of my part was almost identical with yours (Tekehu instead of Aloth), my Sage was by far the biggest damage dealer. Lost Sinner (aka Sin Tee) has amazing guides in general, i recommend checking them out.
  3. I feel you, my first attempt at P:K when it first launched was also Unfair (edit: no, it was actually on Hard), until i got to the spider swarm fight and couldn't beat it after ~30 reloads. I think the game was also very bugged at the time, could have played a part, but still, from what i've read, the hardest difficulties in that game are insane, even for the most seasoned players. Planning on starting a proper playthrough in the upcoming days, excited about it! Edit: Just how much XP did you reduce btw? Because Deadly Deadfire mod reduces it to -25% IIRC, and you would still get to level
  4. Ohh, you didn't finish the game, why didn't you say so in the first place. The general consensus is, once you get to level 20, the difficulty becomes rather trivial. They did take some steps to alleviate this in the DLC's, but not enough to satisfy a veteran player's desire for true challenge. But, who knows, maybe a couple of years from now, we will get a mod called Eora Stratagems
  5. Hah, my own experience with Alice Alisceon the fire witch was also brutal, she steamrolled my party like 5 times, despite me teleporting her on the beach to fight her minions first. But you can also teleport her to Jahan and he instakills her, which is kinda cool, there are always countless ways to approach a situation in this game. You can even kill Alexander in Fort Joy with death fog barrels so you don't have to fight him later.
  6. There are some quirky traits about DOS environmental combos indeed, like the poison exploding as you said, but i focused on the positive side, which is that it brought a lot of versatility and only your own imagination was the limit of what could be accomplished. I am curious though, why do you say POE combat is league above in terms of tactics? Because, in my own experience, playing on the hardest possible settings (POTD full upscale + 5 challenges), once i reached max level in this game - which is very fast in this game sadly - and semi-optimized my toons, i could go into every single e
  7. My ranger was the most effective damage dealer in the party, and i think a big part of that is because i always tried to get him in good positions to exploit high ground advantage (you can get up to 60% more dmg from high ground IIRC). As for the elements, i mostly used a combination of geomancers (earth) and pyromancers, and those 2 elements rely more on raw damage (including damage over time) than debilitating status effects. But if you go hydro/aero route, the terrain will become a much bigger factor, allowing you to setup chain stuns or freezes. One aspect i find super neat is that the
  8. I don't want to get into an indepth debate about DOS2 ending here, so i don't spoil it for people who might wanna play, but there wasn't anything particularly ambiguous about it from what i remember, however i only played the Definitive Edition. And, apparently Larian redid the entire chapter 4 Arx in the Definitive, it's way, way better now. Talk about commitment to their craft, just like they retroactively added complete voice over for the first DOS. I'm happy Obsidian is following suit with the TB mode.
  9. @bringingyouthefuture Don't get me wrong, despite all i've written here that might make me sound like a DoS fanboy claiming superiority over Pillars, i actually enjoy playing Pillars more. The universe Obsidian built is more realistic and relatable than Rivellon (even though the detail with which Larian crafted their world is remarcable, i keep getting this feeling of inauthenticity, like it's not genuine), also i enjoy playing with a class system more than classless, even if both games are objectively great in their delivery. Finally, having to constantly change most of your gear every singl
  10. @bringingyouthefuture Have you tried playing on Tactician? It's quite challenging, they also upped the overall difficulty in the Definitive Edition.
  11. ...wow. I think this is way more a reflection of you than anything else. I may be viewed as shallow, but i will not gonna apologize for my extremely common genetic predisposition, which is being most attracted to gorgeous women. The fact that the game designers made a conscious choice to completely exclude this very popular real world female characteristic and inherent archetypes (such as the seductress) from their game should raise some question marks regarding their agenda. Not directly to your point, but: Two things BG2 did right about romances: a) unique romance music,
  12. Except Jaheira (In fact most bg characters) and romance subplots were cringy. Funny that you mention a game with terrible itemization after talking about deadfire's. Most d:os 2 'encounters' are just initially invisible enemies popping up to ambush you. Difficulty in deadfire has been fine since the rebalance patches from last summer, have you tried not playing on story mode, PotD, various challenges, megabosses and even solo? Encounter design overall is fine too, even great in DLCs, especially in SSS and forgotten sanctum. Deadfire also does pay attention to small details. Followin
  13. Much better optimization, (no more memory leaks, etc.); they should just stray away from Unity altogether. This is honestly almost a deal breaker atm, a game that would be a solid 8.5 is dragged down to a 7 in my book because of technical issues and bugs. Stronger and longer main campaign that demands a lot of player urgency, with a much better antagonist. Preferably with an epic multi encounter showdown, a-la Irenicus. More aesthetically pleasing companions and less emphasis on the whole liberal SJ agenda. Not a single beautiful female companion is available in the entire series, and
  14. Lmao i also didn't get him to spawn, and we're in march 2019, how is this major bug not fixed yet? Edit: NVM apparently the dragon i helped earlier kills the guardian. Shame, i really wanted to experience that battle
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