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  1. I couldn't get Zanza to let me turn in any map data, so I killed him. Although I couldn't turn any in, I did fail several of the Mapping quests after I killed him.
  2. I killed druids before talking to fleet master and it let me complete, but after doing coral quest and going back to talk to fleet master, he offered me the druid quest again. I also noticed it doesn't show up in the quest log as either complete or incomplete. But after leaving and returning he let me complete coral quest.
  3. I completed Harsh Medicine and pretty sure I got the exp and reward, but it still shows as incomplete quest list.
  4. The sword "Duskfall" seems to be bugged. For the enchantment "drawing cut" it now says "grants..." but nothing follows to word grants. Not sure if it is granting something not shown, or granting nothing.
  5. There seems to be a new bug where you can't loot ship repair materials or medicine.
  6. Any update on this. I played three games just after launch with no problems, I played two more recently and it crashed every time. I am rather disappointed that a bug of this severity has not yet hot patched. Actually quit one game and started another in hopes i could do this quest, but it still crashing.
  7. I am having the same issue. I have done 3 other play-throughs without this issue. I changed all characters in my party except main of course). Turned video option to minimum, rebooted, etc. Still crashes every time the construct goes to spawn.
  8. I wish they would just make pet AI set the same as the ranger AI. You also cant add knockdown to a script because it shows on pet bar rather than ranger bar.
  9. Is there a way I could make my ghost heart pet AI be on when I summon him? It always summons with AI off right now.
  10. Yes there are plenty of bugs, but I was confused as to why they wouldn't even auto attack. But it seems i was the source or my own confusion.
  11. Well it seems every AI was off by default in the other game. Not sure why.
  12. I have encountered numerous AI issues where pets will not act according to aggression stance and you cant set pets to knockdown in AI editor, sometime a character will act as if AI is passive and turned off (even when set to aggressive) and sometimes the whole team will act that way (this happened to me when I turned on scaling) so they all just stand there unless given a command every time something dies. When this happens they will also shut down and stand there if they don't immediately see a path to the directed target. Sometimes a character will repeatedly perform the same action over and over even though you have a long delay set for that action. These issues don't change by turning stances to passive and back to aggressive, changing AI sets or reloading game.
  13. I switch Sarafen for Aloth and same thing. He just stands there while other AIs are working except for the pet thing. I don't need a dev to give me specifics. All I would like to know is if this is an acknowledged issue that will be patched soon. ---- Forget this, evidently Aloth and Sarafen were turned off somehow as was the pet. i didn't even know the pet AI could be turned off. I will have to check other game to see if ALL AIs were off now. if this is the case, i will feel really stupid, but would have been nice had some dev pointed it out to me.
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