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  1. You're right, you can't please everyone, and balance is quite tricky to achieve. In fact I think it's impossible to balance for group play and solo at the same time. I believe the developers see it too and decided to balance around group play and not solo. But people play games as they enjoy them, and if the possibility is there, they will find other ways to play than what the developers intended. Ultimately this is your mod and you should balance it as you see fit. I try to provide feedback as I see it but obviously it is highly subjective. I try to compare power level with other classes at similar levels. But if you feel you want the class to go beyond that, or that from a solo perspective it is warranted, by all means, go for it. Ultimately I will enjoy the mod for what it is, and if I don't I will move on, which is fine too. At the end of the day we're all here for entertainment, so I wouldn't worry too much
  2. I think that's a good idea for a talent - intelligence affliction resistance (similar to the paladin talent). Paladins have one and it's a very attractive choice. Giving it baseline is too much I feel. As for the Bear interrupts, you can do it on Crit? That's quite powerful though (Rangers get interrupt on crit talent at PL9). IMO it could also be a PL9 talent here as well, although it seems we're starting to copy too many mechanics from other classes...
  3. I had this issue before, don't remember on which version I noticed it. I changed forms to cast and forgot to report it. I wonder if it happens in vanilla too?
  4. You know that items work on Shifters too right? Only armor and weapons don't (while shifted). It seems like overkill to me.
  5. Not in my game - occurs on spells with casting time too. Also noticed now that on level up the auto-granted spells no longer appear on the left side, instead it shows Spiritshift Bear -> Elder Bear -> Dire Bear. Not sure if intentional or not but it's a little confusing. Noticed new talent: Bleed - I like it. Suggestion: Change name to "Lacerate".
  6. Popped in game for a quick test and remembered something which bothered me earlier: Exoskeleton Plate should be self only (thematically and according to the description) yet you can target friendlies with it. Also there's a bug when casting in Stag form. It starts casting but freezes right when the spell is about to cast. Boar ability Pick Up the Scent gives Concentration (should be Aware only, no?). Druid Stage Carnage ability has wrong description. It suggests you do an AoE with every attack, but it's a single use AoE on hit. Unstoppable duration seems too high. At level 9 with 20 int it lasts almost 30 sec (immunity to hostile effects). With multiple uses per encounter you can just ignore hostile effects with this. Lower to 8 seconds base IMO. Another thing I was thinking of for balance - reduce the Affliction immunity granted by each form to resistance. It makes it too easy to trivialize hostile afflictions.
  7. How about: Cry of Anguish The Bear lets out a desperate roar, disorienting enemies in the area. Anxiety sounds a touch out of place to me. Although I would personally turn Terrifying Roar into Frightening Roar which applies the Shaken effect. But I don't feel that strongly about it xD
  8. Seems a bit too much for 1 ability. How about simply giving the Shifter Courageous (5 resolve, immune to interrupt) when shifting to Stag? Could make it higher duration, 15 sec or so. Together with the defenses buff that should be very nice indeed.
  9. In early-midgame at least Armor Breaker is quite good. But maybe you can increase the cone AoE and lower recovery a bit.
  10. Fair enough, we all have our own way of playing. However for the solo tests may I suggest wearing some (appropriately powerful) items, as I don't think any character should be able to solo the hardest encounters in the game naked, if at all Edit: If we're going to tone down abilities instead of lowering the amount of shifts, let me suggest Bear roar - should do Shaken (from Frighten), similar to Barbarian ability (still has much better AoE). Cat form action speed buff is too high (33% on top of Swift), I suggest lowering to 20%. If you use it in a party setting to cast spells at the beginning of combat, you get 33% + 15% speed and no armor malus, instantly. Seems a bit too much.
  11. In that case I think a better test would be with some items. Also I don't think solo viability is the only parameter to test class balance. A class can be too strong in the contest of a party even if it's not the strongest in solo scenarios. Anyways I understand it's an issue from a technical POV. Maybe the answer is to reduce the shifts per encounter - give the 2nd tier at level 11 (for example) and leave it at that, max 2 shifts per shape per encounter. You could increase shift duration to compensate if total shift time becomes too low for late game. About Vampiric - if you look at the enchant on weapons, it's 20% life steal. And it's easily one of the best. Considering the talent also works with damage from spells - I think it's safe to lower it to 20% (and the same for Wolf form).
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