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  1. So he's not TERRIBLE, but I want him to be GREAT. Level 6-7 (doing this from memory!) right now, in a position where he's dying every other fight, though he DOES do some fierce damage sometimes. I'm open to rerolling, but I'd rather not restart and just make do with inefficiencies. Stats Mig 17 Con 10 Dex 17 Per 13 Int 10 Res 11 Abilities CIPHER: Mind Wave, Whispers of Treason, Draining Whip, Psychic Backlash MONK: Lesser Wounds, Force of Anguish, Swift Strikes, Two Weapon Style, Dance of Death, Torment's Reach I'm open to changing pretty much whatever. Force of Anguish and Mind Wave were my two initial picks, and annoyingly they can't be changed! Equipment-wise I'm nothing special. Wearing light armor for the speed bonus - should I bump it up to something heavier?
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