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  1. Thanks! Seems really god. Will try to do it. And, if I wanna do two-handed weapon + heavy armor, Paladin/Chanter can do solo on PotD?
  2. 1. Thanks. If it's so difficulty as play solo chpher, what best choice w/ armor and weapons? light/medium/heavy armor? weapon+shield/weapon+weapon/2H-wep/bows or guns? 2. What about two-handed weapons + heavy armor? Think Paladin/Chanter for damage/health from paladin and helps from Chanter's summoning?
  3. Yes, explosive items (bombs). Wanna try made fun-solo-build, but don't know, what class are good and can do PotD difficulty.
  4. dgray62, Boeroer, mepp22 Can you maybe help? Wanna made solo-fun-build with heavy armor, 2h weapon and with bomb (skills like pyro, alchemy). Or maybe without bombs nwm. What class are good for it? Rogue/Paladin? Paladin/Chanter?
  5. Hello, wanna try to do solo with 2h-weapons with bomb. What's class can do it for solo? atm do solo as monk, but wanna try amother. what class with what skills can do? barb? druid? another? help
  6. Hello, short question. Wanna do solo runs in PotD difficulty, but what actual builds and what meta for solo now? This builds can be good at curent gamepatch? 1) https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/90f6q7/minmax_item_and_level_progression_guide_the 2) https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/109787-class-build-hand-of-doom-forbidden-fiststeel-garrote/ 3) https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/117955-help-on-helwalker-solo-build/?tab=comments#comment-2225485 It's a good choice? Prefer ofc pure monk or barb 2h wep. Ty anyway.
  7. Hello! Can you help and explain me. Wanna try made run with two player in my team. First player - class barbarian with two-handed weapon. Second player - think with 2x Fire weapons and bombs, don't know with what class. Please guys help me, what classes/multi-classes would be good in Path of the Damned mode? Already done game as solo rogue/priest, but wanna do run with barb 2H wep and fires weapons. What multiclass for barbarian and for 2xwep/bombs player? Maybe barbarian/priest with 2H and druid/ranger with 2x fire weps and bombs? Can you detailted answer please! Thanks!
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