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  1. Many thanks for all the feedback, there's a trove of information to digest, and I am getting convinced that Forbidden Fist monk might be the way to go. Just three very naive questions: - How well Forbidden Fist monk gain wound for WoW, particularly with Hylea's Talon trick? Since they only gain 1 wound after 1x Talon's dot expired? - I understand the Keeper of the Flame trick (very cool indeed), but I am not planning to get the DLCs (have already done two playthroughs and didn't feel I need more 'gameplay'), so I don't think I would have access to it. But I assume Hylea's Talon
  2. Based on what I've been reading on the forum, SC helwalker monk seems really powerful (mostly because of whispers of the wind and resonant touch). Question though, what is a viable *solo* helwalker build (or if it's even possible), since in the early game he's quite squishy. Also, how should the stat be distributed? I am guessing PER/DEX/MIG/CON are all important, but not sure if I should dump RES...
  3. Yea I don't really have any problems dealing with the smaller oozes. Freezing pillars + Blast of Frost pretty much kills them (without needing any CC to stop merging).
  4. I did a solo run with the steel garrote/blood mage recently, and it's a really flexible and fun build. In the early/mid game, you can melee when you feel like it (Citzal's lance goes really well flames of devotion) or you can also tank and cast unlimited spells with blood sacrifice. Late game once you have wall of draining, you are pretty much invincible (infininte lay of hands+hands of light+wiz buff). Again you can either go full melee (with Citzal's Martial Power + Zandethus' Draconic Fury) or full casting (crushing doom/freezing pillar/torrent of flame + blood sacrifice).
  5. Great. Slicken sounds like a good idea, I haven't tried that. Although I'd imagine you still want to put slicken and crushing doom no? Or else there'd be no damage to kill the oozes. I've also tried that summon distract idea. Maybe they've changed it in the latest patch, but what I see right now is that after the unengaged one finished off the summon, it won't stay in one place but roam in circles, and so eventually he'll run into his friend (who's engaged with me). This is quite odd. I can never get the crushing doom to stack so much on the Gigantic Ooze. It misses too much and r
  6. I have an arcane knight and with draining wall I can stack all sorts of buffs and potion of final standing, so slowly chipping Hauni down isn't an issue. But I can't figure out how to reliably prevent the Gigantic Oozes from merging. My original strategy is to spam Concelhaut's Crushing Doom on both oozes to keep them constantly proned, but it just isn't reliable enough and a couple misses is all it takes for them to merge again. I've tried all sorts of ways to split the oozes so they don't stay together (with sleep and what not), but even after you manage to separate them, the unengaged one w
  7. Man arcane knight is really strong! Just did a run with the offensive parry idea, which really helps survivability early to mid game, but late game wizard buff + 2x lay on hands (upgraded hands of light gives immunity to interruption) + wall of draining = immortality with infinite blood sacrifice. Who needs brilliance or barring death's door! [repeating paragraphs edited]
  8. Sorry to revive an old topic. Very interesting build @Boeroer. Just curious, how did you build your stats? I am guessing perception/dex is probably important (with all the casting) but wasn't sure what you'd do with might, since high might could be a bit fatal =/
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