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  1. Thanks for the advice so far! I think I've narrowed my choices down to Paladin/Wizard, Fighter/Wizard, or something involving Trickster. What are the differences between a Paladin/Wizard and Fighter/Wizard in terms of playstyle? Paladin obviously has the support via healing and auras and such, but I see Fighter/Wizard recommended in terms of locking down fights and using summoned weapons well. Would the more offensive approach be more beneficial in the long run? Trickster seems really cool as well and I'd probably pick that for sure if I didn't have likely rogues in Mirke and Ydwin alread
  2. Yeah, I gave the sidekicks a real close look and would definitely be picking up Fassina as a conjurer/druid even if my Watcher had some healing or support going on themselves. I'd rather stay away from priests and druids for my Watcher though, moreso for roleplay reasons than anything else. Can something mixed with Paladin or Chanter fulfill a frontline casting support role in such a party then? Or considering possible turn-based mode, is it perhaps more viable to crank initiative and go for some kind of far more offensive casting approach (via Wizard, Cipher?) to lock down fights so that
  3. I just recently replayed Pillars of Eternity (as a Cipher) and got Deadfire on sale. I had been wracking my brain trying to think of what kind of multi-class I should do for my first playthrough, but I started thinking that perhaps I'm taking the wrong approach and might instead consider how my Watcher will fit in with the rest of the party. I've decided to use only sidekicks instead of full companions (barring perhaps briefly getting their questlines out of the way) due to either feeling they had their limelight in PoE1, or simply not being interested in them compared to the sidekicks, w
  4. One last approved post before I can post freely, so I'll say...thank you! That's a good reason to go peek into Durgan's Battery early! (I just unlocked it but was putting it off)
  5. Will I get a companion rogue to join my party? I love playing rogues and thieves in these kinds of games, but Cipher seemed too interesting to pass up. Little did I know Grieving Mother already was one (although they do work well together). I realize I could hire one, but on this first playthrough I'd rather get to know the standard members and their strengths and weaknesses before making a super customized party. Another encounter I had a bit of a difficult time with, although I didn't have to reload, was the Cail the Silent. Eder and Pallegina tried to engage as many things as possible,
  6. Yeah, I quickly figured out a couple things with spirit type enemies, fire and paralyze is great, as is putting any freeze reduction stuff on whoever they feel like killing first, which they WILL (usually my main character). Despite that, it seems like any individual one is harder than any other enemy type overall and they throw 10-15 at you at once, even with freeze reduction they all just...converge and blow me to pieces before I can cast anything. Still, whatever I'm doing now is working, just barely. The bestiary seems to fill up the more enemies I kill, and seeing their resistances wh
  7. Ah, thank you! I don't know if I made it clear, I did make it past the shades with some clever reactionary maneuvers, but it wasn't very graceful...prompting this topic. I appreciate the advice, but there are some terms I don't understand. CC is...crowd control, so like Binding Web and such? What is alpha strike?
  8. Hello! I grew up with Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale and got into things like the first Fallout games and Arcanum as I got older, so Pillars of Eternity interested me greatly. I originally bought and played it and kept getting wrecked at the Temple of Eothas with 3 party members, but a year or so later I'm trying again and very much enjoying my time (I've got one area of Defiance Bay cleared of sidequests now.) The Lighthouse quest (The Weeping...something? With the banshee) caused me to double take with fearful flashbacks of my first run, I spent a good hour developing a method to cle
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