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  1. Here is my crusader tank. pale elf (goldpact/unbroken) with 10 might, max con, 3 dex, max resolve and spread remaining points in int and perception. weapons: any dagger with weapon model and large shield Akola's Apex Ward with hunter vigor or BoW soul bound shield or Cadhu Scalth or Shining Bulwark(my favorite because you can get it early and extra armor really reduces your stress level and pause frequency) armor: Patinated Plate (same reason as shining bulwark and even the location is close, less loading time for me was really sweet). Also, try to throw your crusader in to start
  2. yeah, because he throws delayed fireballs like it does not cost spell slot and the explosion triggers self heals, he just heals himself quicker than I shoot him I think. Could be my brain tricking me though, because I have never seen his status drop to Hurt.
  3. It feels like he is the only boss in game that simply crushes players with pure stats, huge damage spike, interruption on hit, AOE, high defense, self sustain. I have been shooting at it with the lightening bow for 10 mins and its status is still "Healthy".... How do people even kill it. my comb is: crusader(goldpact/unbroken), war caller(unbroken/ that guy sings really quick), holy slayer(kindwayfarer/trickster), celebrant and shepherd(Bleakwalker/sharpshooter). Only my watcher crusader can sustain hits with pure defense build on POTD.
  4. ...Each Kill Fed His Fury does not give might inspiration as described in ability description, it merely gives a +5 might buff, so slayer's claw does not increase inspiration tier of this chanter buff. Also, slayer's claw requires ability duration to fully expire and only applies inspiration tier increase on new buff. Any overwriting buff (eg. rebuffing before current strong inspiration expires) will not benefit from slayer's claw inspiration tier increase.
  5. Title. I can get them to auto attack anything in sight, but they do not use any abilities. There doesnt seem to be any ability of summons shown in my character behavior editor either.
  6. Please disregard, I found my answer in past patch note. For anyone interests, only one stone is dropped now. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/105656-patch-notes-for-2100034/
  7. Does POTD affect material drop chance or number? Magma dragon only dropped one Gizzard Stone and I remember it used to drop two to three. Also, adra ban seems to be incredibly rare, I have only gotten 6 so far up to the point of magma dragon fight.
  8. Title. Since my game is upscalling, Im not sure if it is even worth it to pick up this upgrade. but the push back sounds extremely bad.
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